Why Trump shouldn’t worry about a gnat like Mueller

By Larry Nevenhoven

The fiery second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, Johnny Temple, stepped into the batter’s box. The first pitch seemed high, so he didn’t swing at it. The Major League umpire yelled, “Strike one.”

Temple stepped out of the batter’s box and looked at the home plate umpire. “Hey, that pitch was high. What’s wrong with your eyes today?” asked Temple.

“Nothing is wrong with my eyes, but you’re out of the game!” proclaimed the umpire.

“What! Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson just complained to you about your umping, and they’re still in the game. Why throw me out?”

“Temple, I’m willing to put up with heavyweights like Pinson and Robinson, but I refuse to put up with gnats like you. You’re out of the game!” said the umpire.

The Major League umpire, whose name I’ve long since forgotten, pretty well sums up Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s gnat-like status against President Trump.

Mueller’s credentials are impeccable. Princeton University, decorated U.S. Marine officer, University of Virginia Law School, positions at various U.S. Attorney offices, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 10 years, lecturer and consulting professor at Stanford University and a partner in a prestigious law firm.

There’s no doubt that Mueller is a heavyweight when it comes to certificates and commemorative plaques on his walls.

Yet, his qualifications hold no weight in his battle against President Trump. His backers in the media, Democratic Party, Republican Party, FBI, CIA, universities and wherever else add no muscle to his attack plans.

Mueller’s problem is that he is fighting against the Lord God of Hosts, also known as Yahweh, the God over the armies of Israel. I believe He’s the one who placed Trump into the Oval Office.

If I am correct, then there are two important questions to consider:

If God is omniscient and actually knows the end of a matter before its beginning, then wouldn’t you think He would have foreseen Robert Mueller being appointed special counsel before it happened on May 17, 2017?

If that is so, wouldn’t you also think God would have something in mind to handle Mueller and his investigation?

Last December, I felt what we saw in Donald Trump was pretty much what we had to put up with. A 70-year-old man with swooped back hair, wearing a Brioni suit, dripping with pride, petty anger, intelligence and courage.

But I also felt what we saw did not count much compared to what God saw in Trump’s heart. I believed God saw a man who would take a stand for Israel, weather every international storm sure to hit him and still move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Holy City as the capital of Israel.

The three previous presidents before Trump spoke flattering words about Israel during their presidential campaigns, but all three signed waivers every six months on moving the embassy to Jerusalem. The trio caved under Arab pressure on this subject.

Trump seemed to have enough integrity, chutzpa and business savvy to carry out his campaign promises. I really believed he was the right man for the tasks he faced.

But I also went out on the limb and wrote the following last December:

“America will have an economic and business revival during President Trump’s time in the White House, unlike any other time in our nation’s history. There will be jobs, jobs and jobs. The stock market will soar, the housing and construction industries will boom, and America will have a season of prosperity, which will be the envy of other nations.”

So far so good on these predictions, right?

How could I forecast something like this?

I read the Bible and believe the words in it.

May My tongue stick to the roof of my mouth if I fail to remember you, if I don’t make Jerusalem My greatest joy.(Psalm 137:6)

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you.(Psalm 122:6)

Blessed is he who blesses Israel, and cursed is he who curses Israel. (Numbers 24:9)

Do you realize it has been 50 years since all of Jerusalem came under Israel’s control in the Six-Day War of 1967?

In all the time since then, how many American presidents have done the obvious by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Not one until President Trump did it on Dec. 6, 2017.

Now, does anyone really believe God placed Trump in the White House to carry out His plans for Jerusalem and then would allow him to be embarrassed at Mueller’s hands?

There is not a gnat’s chance in the universe of that ever happening.

So, if I were Special Counsel Robert Mueller, I’d constantly look over my shoulder, wondering how God will vindicate President Donald Trump in this so-called Russian collusion case.

How can I offer such a ridiculous warning to Mr. Mueller?

Once again, I read the Bible.

And maybe Robert Mueller should also do the same.

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