In late 1957 there was a disarmament conference in Geneva. Well, forgive me. At least there was supposed to be. The conference couldn’t start because the two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union, couldn’t agree on whether or not Poland and Czechoslovakia should be allowed to sit. Those countries then were not NATO members but were satellite puppets of the Soviet Union. The conference was deadlocked at birth.

An enterprising AP reporter in Geneva noted that the storied trumpeter Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong was playing a gig there. He went backstage after the performance and, after congratulating the legendary Louis on a great concert, he asked whether Armstrong thought Poland and Czechoslovakia should be allowed to sit at the disarmament conference.

Satch placed his horn in its case, pulled out his iconic polka-dot handkerchief, mopped his brow and assumed a deeply pensive facial expression that would have made Henry Kissinger look like a diplomatic dilettante. Armstrong held that pose for three thoughtful breaths and finally said, “Well, it’s like this. If they want to sit, and if we want them to sit, then I say – let ’em sit!”

And therein lies the protective cocoon around President Donald Trump. When Indonesian strongman Sukarno was toppled by his right-wing generals, an American journalist asked an Indonesian government official why Sukarno would suffer nothing worse than non-violent overthrow, the official replied, “You don’t shoot George Washington.” Moreover, you don’t shoot Santa Claus. And Donald Trump has successfully converted himself from “the fool who would be king” all the way over to a hero figure with many bags of real-life goodies for everyday Americans.

Is there any American out there who earnestly believes that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is out to get justice? My opinion is colorful and radical. I believe Mueller was drafted not to get justice but to get Trump. And many Americans early on felt that was a necessary patriotic “re-arrangement.” Don’t you remember the absurdity of Donald Trump as president? Instead, something strange and unprecedented occurred. This national embarrassment Donald Trump piled so many successes on top of successes and triumphs, victories and achievements that even his enemies felt ridiculous trying to force him out of office. And that left Robert Mueller in the position of a nightingale without a song to sing.

They tell of the New York accountant whose client asked him, “How much is two plus two?” The accountant replied, “How much do you want it to be?” If Donald Trump were hated, they could nail him and jail him regardless of the merits of the case. Likewise, if he turns out to be good for the economy, bad for terrorism and all the happy et ceteras Trump brings to our American Christmas tree, then a troy ton of collusion could arrange to be overlooked.

Louis Armstrong might say the American people want Trump to sit! In cases like this, that beats unknown witnesses with dark tales of “collusion.” It’s fun to see Trump’s enemies invoke Watergate. Watergate is a terrible comparison for the foes of Trump to try to use. After all, Watergate had a discernible crime, admittedly a “third-rate” break-in, but a crime nonetheless. In the great game of “Russia-Russia-Russia,” Russia simply lacks the punch it had during the Cold War.

We know that Gen. Mike Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. But we have no idea about what! Both Trump and his enemies seem to be having a terrible time trying to determine just what the underlying crime is here. After this many days, in a free country, shouldn’t we be getting at least a few clues or leaks as to what it was Flynn told the FBI? So far, nobody’s come close.

Could it be that Flynn lied about something that was unimportant, out-of-bounds, not relevant to the proceedings? Meanwhile, we’re left only with the supposition that Flynn was guilty of stupidity. And he doesn’t come across as a stupid man at all.

Meanwhile, Trump is enjoying a wonderful season of success in the White House. Wouldn’t Trump’s supporters have a joyous time if the facts bear out their dreams, namely that the public will make an even sharper turn away from Trump’s alleged Russian collusion, whatever that is, and further mention of it puts people’s feet to sleep up to the hips?

Help yourself to a great cliché, “The mountain labored and brought forth a mouse.” I won’t go there. I don’t think those whose “assignment” it was to bring Trump down have yet produced anything as substantial as a mouse.

Instead, I’m reminded of the mother who walked into her 6-year-old daughter’s room and found her feverishly cleaning everything.”What’s gotten into you, Dorothy?” asked the mother.

“Oh, please, Mother, come and help me! They just announced that two women were arrested for running a disorderly house!”

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