Israeli police run during clashes with stone-throwing Palestinians at the Temple Mount

Israeli police run during clashes with stone-throwing Palestinians at the Temple Mount

When the United Nations condemned President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the U.S. responded by cutting $285 million of its funding for the international organization.

Now, the Palestinian Authority, amid the international community’s belligerence over Trump’s decision to allow a 20-year-old law to take effect, is suggesting the U.S. should just keep the $600 million it contributes annually to the Palestinians.

“You aid us for your interest, and out of your interests and calculations. So stop this aid,” declared Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the adviser to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas on religious and Islamic affairs.

Habbash, a Shariah judge, was speaking on official Palestinian Authority television.

“Yesterday you saw, brothers, how the world (the U.N.) returned a slap to American President (Trump), how the entire world that the American president had threatened, stuck its tongue out at him and said: ‘We are not bought with your dollars, and we are not bought with your aid. From the outset, you did not give us aid because of our beautiful eyes. You aid us for your interest, and out of your interests and calculations. So stop this aid.’

Habbash insisted the “one who determines the fate of Jerusalem is not the American president, and not America.”

“The balance (of power) will change, trust in Allah, the balance will change. America will not remain America, and the present world will not remain as it is,” he said.

The PA official said the “most important, permanent, and influential factor in the battle for Jerusalem” is “religion and faith.”

“The victory in Jerusalem is coming, it is coming And Jerusalem is Palestine’s capital forever, forever,” he said. “And the rubbish of the American president isn’t worth – I say again – isn’t worth the urine of one Jerusalem child.”

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley explained the more than quarter-billion dollar cut to America’s contribution to the U.N.

“We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked,” she said.

The U.S. pays more than any other nation, approximately one-fifth of the entire operating costs of the U.N., which runs about $5.5 billion for two years.

It also contributes separately to other U.N. aid programs.

Separately, for the Palestinians, the U.S. contributed about $600 million annually over recent years, totaling more than $5.2 billion since 1994.

President Trump himself has warned that nations that oppose the U.S. could lose American financial support.

Congress already has proposed freezing assistance to the Palestinians with the Taylor Force Act, named after a former U.S. army officer stabbed to death by a Palestinian assailant in 2016.

The bill, introduced in 2016, would freeze assistance to the Palestinians until the PA discontinues its practice of paying the families of terrorists who kill Israelis.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented some of the Palestinian reaction to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem.

“They have called him an ‘ignoramus,’ a ‘rich adolescent,’ and an ‘irrelevant clown’: they burned and trampled his picture across Palestinian cities; and with the ultimate arrogance they trivialized their number one donor country, saying no good ever came from all the American aid,” PMW said.

The report noted PA Parliament Member Jihad Abu Zneid said: “This man (Donald Trump) is stupid. This is the leader who wanted to present himself as a leader. … As far as we’re concerned he isn’t worth a woman’s shoe or the shoe of a prisoner’s mother.”

The Palestinian daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida said, “This is America, more Jewish than the ultra-Orthodox Jews.”

Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen said, “These masses have come to say to America’s crazy man that his decision is completely rejected.”

A cartoon portrayed Trump as a garbage can, with his tongue a foot pedal and his hair the cover.

Several cartoons showed the U.N. crushing Trump in reaction to the vote condemning the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem.

Another favorite among Palestinians was to print an image of President Trump then burn it. “Stupid,” “enemy of humanity” were other epithets, according to PMW. Trump also was cast as a shark and a caveman, and Nikki Haley a vulture.

Another popular theme was to compare Trump to Hitler, demonstrating no awareness of the fact that a top Palestinian religious leader, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, collaborated with Hitler against the Jews during World War II.



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