Music legend Charlie Daniels

Music legend Charlie Daniels

The fix was in. Hillary Clinton was to be elected president, federal agencies would be weaponized to advance the Obama agenda, the military neglected, “ultraliberal” immigration policies would be created to assure a Democratic Party government “ad infinitum” and the nation’s economy was to be driven further into the ground.

Then something happened.

“God’s grace.”

That’s what superstar singer-songwriter Charlie Daniels believes.

“It was all planned out, Hillary would be elected by a landslide, all the dirt would have been covered up, the guilty parties would go free and ultraliberal immigration policies would have been instituted, a quick path to citizenship established and an unbeatable voter base created to guarantee a Democrat government ad infinitum,” he writes in his newest Soap Box commentary.

“The entitlement rolls would have grown exponentially, the economy would have continued its downward spiral, as the Clinton government would have adopted the anti-business, pro-taxes policies of the Obama administration, the national debt, which Obama doubled while he was in office, would have expanded, and America would have continued to be viewed around the world as a wimpy, out of control former superpower, not worthy of either prestige or respect.

“Our military would have continued to be neglected and downsized and the velvet glove treatment of Islamic terrorists would be maintained.

“Religious freedom would have continued to be stifled.”

He wrote: “America walked on thin ice and almost fell through, only the grace of God kept us from it,” he said.

That would have been the election of Donald Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton.

Daniels said the Obama-Clinton strategy was well under way.

“I believe there will be proof of the weaponizing of federal agencies and personnel and collusion between the Obama justice department and the FBI,” he said. “We already know that the Internal Revenue Service was used to deprive citizens groups of their rights and we know the guilty parties are still walking the street.”

He said Americans never were supposed to know.

“They were so arrogant and confident that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and all the garbage would be buried, the guilty parties would still be in power and that the socialist-globalist agenda of Barack Obama would go forth, that they didn’t even take the time to properly cover their footprints,” he wrote.

Daniels said the information is starting to get out, and people will be shocked.

“We almost lost our country last fall. America was unwittingly on the precipice of becoming a nation whose government was willing to go to illegal and devious lengths to maintain the status quo. I believe that the information that will be forthcoming in the next few weeks will be both astonishing and frightening to the American public, information that was never meant to see the light of day, much less the scrutiny of the American people.”

He said he believes, “there will be irrefutable evidence of collusion among the upper echelons of the Democratic Party actually denying any candidate except Hillary Clinton a chance to be their presidential candidate.”

“I believe there will be evidence of the same people and their Democrat puppets in Congress to foist a false dossier, undocumented, totally unsubstantiated and paid for by the Democrats, on the American public aided by their serfs in the media that would falsely tie Donald Trump, his associates and members of his inner circle with the Russian government.”

He said at its best Washington is “a fetid swamp crawling with those who have sold their respectability, honor and constituents, and the nation for that matter, for a few more years of power.”



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