I have long believed that one-party rule rots a nation from the inside. No one person alive on this earth has the best answer for every problem a nation faces.

Debate brings about new approaches, sometimes highlighting the folly of both approaches being considered and opening the mind to something entirely new. In rare cases, one or the other idea survives as the most likely to succeed.

There is, however, a caveat. Both governing parties must be committed to the nation’s success. America hasn’t had its two governing political parties committed to its success in a very long while. They’ve both been busy parceling it out for their own personal gain.

What America has had is a faux two-party system where entrenched members of both parties governed for the interests of government employees over the citizenry. To finance re-election, they governed to please the wealthy and powerful, who stepped up to the plate to make the election games possible every couple of years.

During the Nixon era, most Republicans at least had the ability to recognize that moving a White House special investigative unit into the service of the Committee to Re-elect the President was crossing the line. Nixon himself recognized he had crossed the line. Would he have survived impeachment? Possibly. We’ll never know, because he resigned.

Nixon’s White House plumbers included five men, a few of whom once shifted to Nixon’s re-election campaign, who bugged the opposition Democratic National Committee headquarters with the listening devices of that day.

Barack Obama’s efforts were orders of magnitude larger, more sophisticated and damaging. He very nearly succeeded. Based on their reporting, the mainlining media seem to think that a permanent Obama-offspring government would have been just fine.

Obama employed the United States’ secret security apparatus, which is surely in the hundred-thousand-plus employee range, its budget unimaginable, to spy on his enemies and accumulate blackmail evidence on those who would someday be political opponents of himself or his party successors.

Leading Democrats know this. They’ve seen the same evidence as the Republicans on these committees. The mistake the Democrats have made is the same mistake Nixon made. Cover-up.

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Had Republicans and even a few Democrats on the current House Intelligence Committee come out together and said, “America, we have a problem,” it would have been an indication that the Democratic Party was salvageable. Not one member did.

There is too much money and power in Washington, D.C., enough even to tempt the most morally inclined. As the ancient Greek Heraclitus observed 500 years before Christ, “Character is destiny.”

Today’s Democratic Party has no problem using mass surveillance of the citizenry, paid for by the taxpayers, to tag and destroy its political opposition. The Democratic Party is more concerned with the desires of illegal immigrants than it is with American citizens. How is that worth saving, America?

Earth’s Final Kingdom, volume four in the Armageddon Story; Judgment Interrupted series.

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