You remember the scene.

George Bailey, the struggling manager of a failing savings & loan in Bedford Falls, is contemplating suicide because of a misplaced $8,000 that he fears could send him to jail. (It was actually stolen by the evil Mr. Potter.)

He meets Clarence, the angel God sent to help him see it’s not worth throwing his life away over $8,000, in the Frank Capra Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Clarence convinces George suicide would be a bad choice, but, still despondent, George wishes he had never been born.

After being shown what his world would have looked like had he not been around, George returns home to his wife, Mary, and his kids, only to find that his many friends have bailed him out – raising more than the $8,000 he needed.

That’s exactly how I feel after being bailed out by you, my good friends, the WND audience, most of whom I’ve never actually met.

On Monday, I appealed to you to help WND during a time of great need – a crisis that poses an existential threat to America’s first independent online news organization.

I told you we needed to raise $100,000 by the end of January if WND were to continue in its role as your “free press for a free people,” as we have for two decades.

To date, we’re three-quarters of the way there!

We have received more than $75,000 in donations in the last few days – a response well beyond my wildest dreams. What can I say? Bless you! I am humbled beyond words. The last thing I wanted to do was beg for money from the people I sought to serve for the last 20 years by providing a FREE news service supported by advertising, the publishing of books, the production of movies and a once-vibrant e-commerce engine that, like most, has been overshadowed by

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I never realized I had so many friends – real friends, the kind that rush to your side when you’re in trouble. We thank God for you – and you are the answer to my fervent, tear-filled-eyes, on-my-knees prayers.

This is a very tough time for many independent media companies. But unlike most other big alternative news organizations like WND, we do not have one or more billionaire benefactors pumping money into our company. We’ve tried to do it the old-fashioned way – scrimping and living within our means. But when the bottom falls out of advertising revenues and Amazon gobbles up most of the e-commerce business in the U.S. and around the world and the books business goes digital, things get tougher.

Elizabeth and I could have cashed out when times were good, retired with millions of dollars in the bank and enjoyed our old age together. But we had a mission – to seek the Truth with a capital T, to bring you the news the fake media wouldn’t and to do it all within a Judeo-Christian worldview.

For 20 years we’ve done it – facing the boycotts, hack attacks, malicious lawsuits and more. Maybe we got so used to God performing miracles for us that we got lazy. I’ll admit it that’s a possibility. It was a wake-up call, for sure.

We want to regain our strength so we can play a bigger role in the opportunity we have to be a part of “making America great again.” We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do so. And we thank you for your support in this hour of great need.

The good news is, we’re off to a great start toward our goal of $100,000 by the end of January. Please, help us reach or exceed our goal – maybe even before Jan. 30.

That would be such a blessing – such a miracle.

There are several ways you can give:

Using a credit card, you can make a direct and secure donation here in amounts as small as $3 and as great as $5,000.

You can also call us at 1-800-496-3266 with your credit card.

Or you can mail your checks in any amount to WND, P.O. Box 1627, Medford, OR 97501.

For those who might be in a position to contribute $5,000 or more, I urge you to call me so that I can provide you any information you might need. Just leave your contact information with the wonderful customer service folks at the toll-free number above – and they will get it to me.

Again, God bless you for your help. We truly appreciate you.


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