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Iran's dictators are teetering!

Some people find Arizona sunsets energizing. For others, it’s hearing anything by Mozart. For me, it’s the Freedom Fight, whether won by Gen. Washington in 1781 or lost by the Hungarians in 1956.

The toppling of a dictator is a truly splendid occurrence, and I could easily take one every day until the world runs out of dictators.

And now here we go again. This is written minutes after the news broke on Saturday, Dec. 30, that the people of Iran are once again in the streets, shouting “Down!” with their brutalitarian rulers and with the squandering of their country’s wealth on corruption and the financing of terrorism worldwide. As I sit here observing, I’m torn between sharing my excitement and wanting to keep everybody from getting excited.

This has the look of the real thing and not the kind of ad-lib barracks revolt that ended in an expensive failure in Venezuela last year. Venezuela deserves the real thing and may get it in 2018!

What makes Tehran’s uprising real is the sequence of developments. First, the young people rose up to protest how their petroleum-rich dictators, further enriched by billions in cash from the disgusting Iranian nuclear deal, allowed food prices to escalate and shortages to occur as though Iran were Zimbabwe. Next, the orderly, elderly lackeys of the regime pretended to rise up in spontaneous support of the mullahs. That was supposed to be the end of it, but then a new wave of protest flared, and not just in the capital, Tehran. Note that the movement spread flash-fire-style in cities all across Iran. People – particularly young people – can’t buy or organize that kind of dynamic. When public protest “catches fire,” it validates itself by its sheer spontaneity.

If God has organized heaven with a political department, then perhaps the free world is being granted another Divine chance to do the right thing for Iran, despite the shameful mess that resulted the last time.

That last time was Iran’s “Green Revolution” in 2009, when the mobs of freedom-lovers literally begged then-new U.S. President Obama for moral support. That’s all. No boots. No ground. Just speak highly of freedom and how fervently America hopes the people of Iran will achieve it. Obama refused. That should have been the tip-off, but it took years for some Americans to get wise to Obama and his preferences.

Trump, on the other hand, let loose a line worthy of Winston Churchill: “The ones the mullahs of Iran fear the most are their own people.”

My own moral rallying cry for American and world opinion against the mullahs is tempered by the reality that, throughout history, repression works! The forces of repression are the ones with the guns. And they’re not hesitant to use them against their own people! There’s got to be a liberating army on the border or an overwhelming majority of the population in the streets against the repressors, ideally with units of the military swinging to the side of freedom. Otherwise, our encouragement might as well tell the freedom-loving Iranians, “We’ll cheer you from the outside as you commit suicide.”

What should good people do? Talk it up! Let the mullahs know the whole world is watching, and apply all measures of pressure to drive a wedge between the Iranian rulers and Iranian people. Another thing Trump did well was to hammer that wedge between the government and the people as hard as he could.

It’s now a couple of days since the previous portion of this piece was written, and things look much better for freedom’s cause in Iran. Iranian opponents of the murderous mullahs have appeared on Fox TV and explained that chances of regime-change in Iran are much brighter than they were in 2009, because now the freedom-forces have a legitimate and well-organized opposition in place. And there’s no more “We demand more and cheaper food!” namby-pamby-ism. The agenda is stomp-down, flat-out “Down with the murderers”! “Down with the dictators”! and calling them out by name!

Fear, the main weapon of the regime, seems to be missing. The leaders of this uprising know what the price is, and they’re prepared to pay it in this stunning gamble for a free Iran. The newscasters are already speaking in terms of “regime change,” and on this fifth day of massive nationwide protest they’re already using the optimistic term “tipping point” in describing how things are moving so far. No guarantee, of course, but it’s a lot brighter than when President Obama abandoned the freedom-forces and refused to give them one syllable of moral support.

President Trump described his tax bill as a Christmas present for all Americans. The overthrow of the Iranian regime would be a Christmas present for the entire world!

One truly disgusting problem stands in freedom’s way, however. If the mullahs’ grip on Iran begins to seriously unravel, the Democrats will realize that Iran’s liberation would be seen as a huge win for Trump. And just as the mullahs would not hesitate to slaughter Iranians to retain power, I fear, likewise, America’s Democrats would have no hesitation in “slaughtering” Iranians either, by minimizing the importance of a free Iran and imposing a good old media blackout rather than give Trump so monumental a “talking point” as “Look here, folks! A free Iran!”

If the regime brings out machine guns against the protesting crowds, the next installment of this wrap-up will be more lugubrious than the first. Lives have already been taken.

Remember, though, how Italian dictator Mussolini was captured, tried for 10 minutes and then shot, and his body strung upside-down at a Milan gas station alongside his mistress. Do you recall how that improvised justice affected the efficiency and workplace focus of his friend and ally Adolf Hitler?

One wonders how the overthrow of the dictators in Iran might affect how Little-Rocket-Man Kim Jong-un sleeps at night!