#MeToo actresses protect elite child traffickers

By Judith Reisman

Note: Mary McAlister, Esq., contributed to this column.

In the film, “The Post,” Meryl Streep, plays Catherine Graham, doyenne of the Washington Post, “bravely” risking all for truth. Both were “social warriors” for special “gay rights” at the same time Graham’s Post sabotaged my 1983 U.S. Justice Department child abuse research as a “preposterous federal undertaking” – a forecast of the current child sex traffic.

When the New York Times recently asked Madame Streep why she kept mum despite obvious filmdom sex harassment, Streep (channeling Graham) silenced the questioner: “I don’t want to hear about the silence of me” just “the silence of Melania Trump … and …Ivanka. …”

Streep throws ‘God’ under the bus

Streep dumped “God” Harvey Weinstein but still deifies serial child rapist Roman Polanski, convicting of sodomizing, drugging, raping and almost killing a 13-year-old child in 1977. Polaski fled to a hero’s welcome by French film society, joined by Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in 1988 to star in the little fugitives French film, “Frantic.”

In 2003, Harrison, thrilled, presented Polanski with a ‘best director’ award while Streep, with the Hollywood clique, cheered ecstatically. Streep and 100 far left comrades successfully lobbied for his release from a Swiss] jail.

Streep joined many #MeToo Golden Globe half-naked designer-dressed protesters (wearing bits of black). Many “acted” in sexually degrading, immoral films, hypocritically shielding rapists and pedo-criminals. Such “edgy” fare opened a direct vein into our body politic, drip, dripping, finally overflowing into today’s child sex trafficking “epidemic.”

In 2011 pundit Ben Shapiro wrote:

“It hit me that I was watching the culture being changed before my eyes. These weren’t just television [and film] episodes – they were … insidiously brilliant leftist propaganda … .endemic to the industry.” Quite so.

Woody, Streep and child sex victims

Have Streep or other Hollywoodians protested the decades of blacklisting conservatives’ “right to work” in TV, film, newspapers and now extended to the internet? What leftist media cadre attacked child rapist colleagues? Olivia Collette:

I stood by as people sided with Marina Zenovich, whose documentary, “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired,” strongly suggested that it was outrageous for the judge of the director’s rape trial to want to put away a rapist. On “The View,” I saw Whoopi Goldberg defend Polanski … [attacking] Dylan Farrow.

Dr. Lori Handrahan writes, “Dylan Farrow has moved the American conversation on silence and impunity for sexual abuse. … [H]er stepfather, film director Woody Allen, groomed and raped her when she was 7 years old.”

Handrahan asked, “Why is #MeToo ignoring child rape survivors?”:

[Dylan] Farrow wonders why Hollywood stars, like Blake Lively, who spoke out against Harvey Weinstein and child sex abuse, continue to work with and thereby protect Woody Allen. … Kate Winslet, Greta Gerwig and others benefit financially and professionally by staying silent about Allen’s rape and diminishing the credibility of a child-rape survivor and her mother, Mia Farrow.

In 2014 Woody got the Golden Globe Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Understanding child sex trafficking requires a serious look at the cultural change agents Shapiro outlines.

A Giant Bunny in the room was Playboy, hopping into naive male lives in 1953. Authors of “Sex Histories of American College Men” (1960) sneeringly reported on American male trends regarding “romance” and morality!

“To these young men, sex without love seemed utterly unethical. Some of them did not even think it right to kiss a girl unless they were ‘in love.'”

That would change.

Quoting Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s “science,” Hugh Hefner dissed American ideals of marriage, virginity and ethics.

To prove it, in 1959 Hefner bought an elegant French Victorian Chateau in Chicago, débuting the first modern “American Salon.”

“The Playboy Mansion” left for L.A. in the mid-1970s.

Here in deluxe digs, were the beau monde – the media elite of television, film, music, politics, sex scientists, all rolled into one opulent echo chamber, surrounded by choice cuisine, first-class intoxicants (and drugs) and bountiful sex for the chosen ones.

Quoting his philosophical hero, Al Kinsey, Hefner’s magazine promoted homo, hetero, adult or child sex predators like Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, etc., while reducing women (now transgendered males) to their alleged body dimensions.

First up, Woody Allen


Woody was interviewed in 1967 (left) and appeared in roughly 467 major and minor articles by 2009. As I’ve already legally proved systemic Playboy child pornography, we’ll move right along.

Woody cast Mariel Hemingway in his 1979 film “Manhattan” as a “precocious … high school girl” in love with 43-year-old Woody’s “sexual technique” – another quiet shift in culture.

They “have laughs together” and “great sex.” But Mariel, was really a 16-year-old “virgin [who]’d never even really made out with anybody.” After a weird kissing scene with Woody, she cried out to the actors, “I don’t have to do that again, do I?” “Everybody just laughed,” she said (August ’79).

Streep was Woody’s lesbian ex-wife in this far-left pedo-film. Was Streep a trafficking enabler, grooming Mariel to advance Streep’s own future?

Drip, drip, drip.

Open secret: Pedo-criminal rings in Hollywood

“An Open Secret,” by Oscar-nominated Amy Berg identifies a Hollywood pedo-ring and names major film figures. Like conservatives, Berg also, as of this writing, has not located a distributor for her controversial film.

However – attention, #MeToo ladies! – convicted pedophiles easily get distributors. For example, in 1995 Francis Ford Coppola and Disney’s Hollywood Pictures screened “Powder.” They were met with leaflets saying, “Victor Salva: Writer, Director, Child Molester.” (Disney’s child sex abuse history is especially telling recently.)

By 1995 Coppola had enjoyed Playboy’s Salon (interviewee in 1975 while in clothes). Now an adult, Nathan Winters, 12-years-old when sodomized during the filming of “Powder,” was protesting the film.

Hearing about the rape, his mom yanked Nathan out of the film, whereupon Coppola threatened her with breach of contract.

Mom called the cops.

Raiding Salva’s home, they found “explicit videos” of Salva and Nathan. Salva confessed to the sodomy during “Clownhouse” (a horror pic). Jailed for “procuring a child for pornography” cost Salva all of 15 months in prison.

Back from prison, Coppola instantly rehires Salva to direct “Powder.” Why? “Victor is talented.”

Really? Or, did Victor know too much?

A “Powder” spokesman said Victor “is trying to do good now.” His horror flic, “should stand on its own. … A movie is not made by one person.”

Quite so.

One “Powder” star is alt-left actress Mary Steenburgen, of Playboy’s Salon. Mary advocates for both “gay rights” and the “boy culture” of GLADD.

The #MeToo actress sounded no alarm as Salva “indulge(d) … [in] a few homoerotic moments … a handsome young man whose sculpted naked form is the focus of much adoring camera work.”

In Coppola/Disney’s “Clowns,” Salva has “the Creeper sniff children’s underwear … getting a nose full of their fear,” while his “Creepers 3” horror script defends child rape.

Blacklisting conservatives, as pedo-criminals groom children with horror films and #MeTooers remain silent. There is more. Yes, it is time for change.

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