A middle-age Swedish woman who took an 18-year-old Afghan refugee into her home as her lover refused to report the young man to police when he sexually assaulted her daughter, 12, reported the Swedish news site, FriaTider.

“I was afraid he would be sent back to Afghanistan,” said the unidentified woman, who works in a residential-care home for children and teens.

Ironically, the woman is active in Sweden’s #MeToo movement against sexual assault, reports FriaTider.

The #MeToo movement has been particularly active in Sweden. In the fall of 2017, tens of thousands in different industries signed petitions through their unions against sexual abuse and harassment. Thousands of women have published testimonials, exposing their alleged perpetrators.

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HVB (Hem för Vård eller Boende) residential-care homes are used by municipalities to house unaccompanied refugee children when they first arrive and until more permanent placement can be arranged.

The woman, 45, reportedly started a relationship with the young man while working at the home in Sölvesborg. When he “became official” and no longer qualified for HVB housing, she allowed him to move into her home that she shared with her daughter. He is identified as Abdul Dostmohammadi by the Daily Mail.

The girl testified that her mother’s new boyfriend began paying more attention to her, giving her frequent hugs and “kisses on her cheeks which she thought were getting a bit too close to her mouth.”

It was in September, during a night of playing cards at home on a Saturday night, that the girl says she was assaulted. The young man, who had been drinking alcohol, wanted to dance with the girl. The mother left the room to go to the bathroom, and, according to the girl, he put his hand inside her panties and drew his fingers back and forth on her vagina.

The girl fled and told her mother what happened, but after the mother confronted the young man she still allowed him to stay and did not make a report to police.

“He stayed with us, but it felt strange to me,” said the girl during the trial.

The following day, the 12-year-old refused to return home from school and instead went to her father’s residence where she reported her assault. The father made a report to police because the mother wouldn’t.

“Mom did not want to make a police report because she was afraid that the [Afghan] should leave Sweden,” said the girl at trial.

There was testimony of the mother telling others aware of the incident to “not tell anything.”

At trial the woman said she “likes a lot about him,” noting that she let let him move in with her because she “thought so much about him.”

The young man was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, avoiding three months of incarceration because he said he was 18-years-old.

In November, when he moved out of the home, the woman attempted to find housing for him on a Facebook site focused on preventing expulsion of Afghan refugees, writing she had a “wonderful kid” who needed a permanent residence and asking if any in the group could take him in.

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But this isn’t the first case of this kind of behavior reported in Swedish residential care homes for refugee minors.

In December, the Gothenberg Post reported a woman serving as a referee in a district court was under investigation for rape after it was learned she had formed a sexual relationship with an unaccompanied minor boy at the HVB home where she worked. According to the report, both the woman and the boy acknowledged the sexual activity that took place at her apartment for a month. The woman is local chairwoman of a political party.

In August, a woman who worked at a Skövde HVB home had sex with several of the young residents “evening, night and morning when the woman was on duty.” She used text messaging and Facebook to pressure the teens to have sex with her. As she was assigned to work the night shift alone, she had total access to the residents. She was discovered when one of the children complained to a male staff member who reported the activity under Sweden’s Lex Sarah mandated-reporting law.

Based on reports by Ivo, the government agency responsible for inspecting residential care homes, a female employee at a Borås facility was involved in an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old boy for an extended period.

The Swedish newspaper, SVT, reported on staff from a HVB home in Åmål partying with refugee children and one of the women giving one of the refugees a “lap dance.” The incident did not result in a Lex Sarah notification.

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The case of Johanna Möller captured attention last summer. The woman, 42, was accused of routinely plying underage refugees with drugs, alcohol and sex. She took naked photographs with them. Her notoriety was the result of having one of her refugees murder her husband and father.

The left-leaning website Blank Spot published an anonymous column from a female social worker in April claiming sex with young male refugees is common among her co-workers. She said the males were traumatized and the sex was therapeutic for them.



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