(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps)

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps)

Facing what seemed like certain death at the hands of bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists in eastern Afghanistan, a heroic British special-forces soldier who ran out of bullets acted quickly during an ambush by grabbing a spade and decapitating a jihadi in a single swoop.

Then the British soldier swiped the terrorist’s own weapon and killed more members of ISIS during a six-hour gun battle, according to the London Daily Mail.

U.S. troops moved in to help the besieged soldiers of Britain’s Special Air Service, who had been forced to take cover at a farm six weeks ago when ISIS gunmen attacked them. Eventually, two U.S. Apache helicopter gunships and a U.S. Chinook arrived to rescue the British fighters.

But before help arrived, the British soldiers were sitting ducks. They radioed for help but were unsure of whether their calls were received. So they vowed to fight to the death rather than allow themselves to be captured, tortured and executed by ISIS.

After nearly half the unit ran out of ammunition, the men began using their rifles as clubs.

English-speaking ISIS terrorists reportedly told the British soldiers that they would behead them and send their heads to their wives.

ISIS (Photo: Twitter/screenshot)

ISIS (Photo: Twitter/screenshot)

“The [Special Air Service] thought they had seen their last day,” a source told the Daily Mail. “They made a pact that they wouldn’t be taken alive and vowed to fight to the death.

“Capture would mean torture and a filmed execution and they weren’t prepared to let that happen.

“They made every bullet count and when they ran low on ammo they waited for the jihadis to get close enough so they could be killed with grenades or using rifles as clubs – that was when one of the SAS managed to kill a man with a spade.”

ISIS and the Taliban have been reportedly gaining ground in Afghanistan. The British military is planning to double its number of special forces soldiers in the country to about 100.



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