Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

President Trump needs to stick to his conservative ideals and agenda – and he’ll always win.

So contends talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

“My contention is that every time that Trump does something that is policy oriented, that is rooted in conservatism, that’s when he shines. That’s when he’s at home. That’s when he’s confident. That’s when things work,” he said Thursday.

“It also happens to be when they hate him the most. Now, they hate him every day, all day, anyway. But they really hate him when this guy – either stumbles into it, swerves into it, or does it on purpose – implements what conservative think.”

Limbaugh gave a couple of examples, including the effort by Trump to eliminate federal rules and regulations.

Trump made that a campaign promise and has followed through.

“It’s understandable why they would be outraged because Donald Trump is literally dismantling the decades old mansion that they have built that is the federal bureaucracy. He is literally tearing it apart. He is unraveling things that Obama implemented. He is unraveling years and decades-old regulations on such things that matter to them as climate change and immigration,” Limbaugh said.

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He also cited the recent tax-reform measure that was signed into law just before Christmas.

“I find it fascinating that as more and more, quote, unquote, conservatism is finding its way back into, say, the American economy, the happier and more robust the American people are. And, remember, we’re just in the first stages of the uptick. Of course, anything that we can’t foresee could happen, but as things sit now, this year is set to take off economically.”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average on Thursday passed 25,000 for the first time.

He also pointed to the removal of the Obamacare individual mandate in the tax bill.

“There is more damage done to the life span of Obamacare in that one move than anything they were contemplating in their big-time repeal-and-replace Obamacare bill,” Limbaugh said.

He said the movement supporting Trump isn’t populism, it’s conservatism.

“Populism is not been what’s going on. This is sour grapes losers using this term to describe it. Now, maybe Bannon, some of his people picked it up and ran with it because, ‘If that’s what people thought it was, then fine. We’ll give ’em what they think we’re doing.’ But really, you’d have to look far and wide to find a more conservative administration than this one, and you know when Trump gets in the least trouble is when he does conservative things.”

He said, “The more conservatism in Trump’s agenda, the more popular he becomes, the more support he ends up having, and the greater success he enjoys in implementing his agenda.”

He cited the new tax cuts.

“The benefits … are already being experienced, and they have yet to really kick in. We’ve had company after company after company announce hiring, announce bonuses. We have American corporations with a lot of money parked overseas. They’ve announced they’re gonna repatriate it for a one-time, 10 percent tax.

“This economy is on the verge of booming like we talked about right before my last couple of days here. This economy is poised to just take off, and it makes it even stranger to look at how the Democrats are setting up 2018. They think they’ve already won 2018. They think it’s over. They think they have succeeded in dredging up all this Trump hatred, Trump incompetence, Trump this, Trump that. And they believe everybody hates Trump like they hate Trump and they think it’s widespread.”

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