[Regarding “Jedi religion
 much like others, rabbi concludes”:] Actually, Hans Solo called it a “hokey religion” in the very first “Star 
Wars” movie. 

And many fans think that this religion is moving away from a struggle 
between good and evil.

In the story, the war continues as long as 
people are devoted to the dark or to the light. Their new hero, the 
young woman Rae, is a told she’s a nobody. She has no lineage – either 
in the light as Princess Leah or in the dark side like the Siths and the 

They constantly talk about a balance in the force. What better way to 
achieve balance than for people to embrace good and bad within 
themselves? Or rather, to eliminate this “faulty” either/or thinking 
all together.

We’ll see what Disney and the writers do in the next movie coming up.
I enjoy “Star Wars” as fiction,, but hate it as theology and worldview. 
Your article is right: What began as fiction many now take as their 
religion/worldview, whether they admit it or not. But then I heard 
George Lucas say in an interview years ago that he was writing a new 
mythology for a new day, to inspire a new generation.

Scott Plavnick

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