President Trump and wife Melania (Photo: U.S. Embassy in France)

President Trump and wife Melania (Photo: U.S. Embassy in France)

Tens of thousands of Americans already have thanked President Trump for his nearly 180 accomplishments in his first year in office.

WND launched the Thank Trump Card Campaign to give ordinary Americans a way to thank the president for his hard work and record of achievement on behalf of the American people.

But a word of thanks also has come to Trump from overseas.

For example, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni recently thanked the American president for the controversy that erupted when Trump was accused of calling African and other nations “s—holes.”

Trump has insisted he did not use the term, but that has not stopped the accusations of political opponents.

Museveni was grateful that Trump was being “frank.”

The Ugandan leader told his parliament that Africa must thank Trump for the honesty.

“I love Trump, because he tells Africans frankly,” said Museveni. “Africans need to solve their problems. In the world, you cannot survive if you are weak.”

Also, thanks to Trump came from protesters in Iran.

Fox News reported an activist said: “We thank you President Trump. We call on all of the supporters of the people who press [the Iranian] regime from different fronts, to put pressure with you and overthrow with us.”

The activist, among those who are risking their lives to bring freedom to Iran, said the pressure Trump has exerted on Iran in the global community will only help.

Another said: “In Iran taxis and buses and public places, you heard people talking that they are happy that the United States and President Trump is actually taking actions on the side of the Iranian people and as you know, the overthrow of this regime and establishment of a free country is in the interest of the entire world.

“This support should continue, and years of appeasement should end. People are very determined and do not retreat despite this severe crackdown.”

There even was tongue-in-cheek thanks from a commentator writing about this year’s Academy Award nominees.

Barry Hertz wrote at the Globe and Mail that while “Dunkirk” could “go the distance thanks to its untraditional packaging of a traditional genre, both ‘The Shape of Water’ and ‘Three Billboards’ seem like the odds-on favorites to dominate the Academy’s glitzy ceremony in March – and you can thank both Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein for that.”

He explained that the awards likely will be influenced by the “rampant sexual harassment and abuse that women have endured.”

And he turned negative, suggesting: “Just as ‘La La Land’ came to somehow represent everything wrong with modern Hollywood (re: America) the closer it inched toward the Oscars podium last year and ‘Moonlight’ its opposite direction, ‘The Shape of Water’ and ‘Three Billboards’ increasingly look like too-easy choices for voters who may want to use the 2018 Academy Awards as an opportunity to rebuke Trump’s racially unjust America and Weinstein’s lecherous Hollywood.”

Trump’s list of accomplishments includes some that have been goals in Washington – such as tax reform – for a generation.

To take part in the thank you program, as have more than 22,000 others already, simply go to to choose one of our 10 unique e-card designs. You can add a personalized message to your card if you wish and then simply click a button to send it electronically to the White House. It’s completely free of charge.

“As President Trump heads into a new year, it’s important he doesn’t lose the courage and boldness that have enabled him to defy the establishment and get so much done for the American people,” said Joseph Farah, CEO of WND and creator of the campaign. “Given all the opposition he faces, it would be too easy for him to surrender to the forces that besiege him.”

That’s why is so important. As 2018 begins, it is a perfect time to look back with thankfulness to the man who made 2017 such a great year for America.

The campaign has been endorsed by leading conservatives such as Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and covered by news outlets such as Breitbart News and The Conservative Tribune is also among the list of promoters.

Go to to view the 10 card design options, all of which can be personalized with messages and sent directly to the White House at no cost.

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