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The 1 deadly weapon Trump uses to conquer his enemies

President Donald Trump conquered both political parties, the mainstream media and near unanimous opposition from the political establishment with one powerful weapon – his skill at branding.

You still remember the nicknames from the campaign:

Now, a new documentary, “Trump: The Art of the Insult,” outlines how the president pulled it off. The film features over 90 minutes of President Trump’s most memorable takedowns, repartees and jaw-dropping insults.

And filmmaker Joel Gilbert says President Trump has still got it when it comes to leaving his enemies flat-footed.

“President Trump has not lost a beat in terms of his marketing skills and branding of opponents,” he told WND in an exclusive interview. “We’ve recently heard ‘Rocket Man’ for Korea’s leader, ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer,’ ‘Sneaky Dianne Feinstein’ and ‘Sloppy Steve Bannon.’ President Trump’s branding techniques are just as effective now as they were during the campaign because the media obsesses over them from the moment Trump hits the ‘Send’ button! And just like in the campaign, the subjects of his tweets don’t respond because they don’t have the media savvy, creativity, or sense of humor that Trump demonstrates day after day.”

Gilbert says the reason President Trump is such an existential threat to the Left is because he is actually using progressive tactics against the very people who created them.

See the trailer for “The Art of the Insult” film:

“Trump’s branding approach is actually a leftist tactic,” Gilbert argues. “A fan who watched my DVD wrote in an email, ‘Saul Alinsky works for us now!’ Donald Trump is the most media savvy person to enter politics, ever! He manipulates the media and controls the narrative with total ease by tweeting literally in his spare time in the early morning or just before bed. The Left is not in his league, they are still stuck on the losing narrative ‘Trump is not a nice guy’ and that’s all they’ve got.

“Trump’s tactics are about strength, taking a stand, and defending his turf and principles, and these things can only help him. Calling out opponents who behave badly, such as Sen. Diane Feinstein for illegally releasing committee transcripts, is a perfect example of Trump taking a stand and redirecting the narrative by branding Sen. Feinstein’s outrageous conduct of violating Senate rules. It’s also a warning to others to stay in line or you could be next!”

No one brings the banter like our president. “The Art of the Insult,” available now in the WND Superstore.

“The Art of the Insult” is, in many ways, a nostalgic look back at the most unlikely presidential victory in American history. Gilbert believes the lesson of Trump’s triumph have not been fully internalized by many conservatives. The reason? Republicans are simply too naïve – and perhaps too nice.

“Establishment Republicans and even conservatives have traditionally not understood how to fight the Left in the political battlefield,” he said. “Nor have they understood that the Democrat party has become a radical socialist party who are willing to lie, engage in voter fraud, and use the tools of state to maintain power and crush the will of the American voter.

“In 1840, French traveler Alexis Tocqueville wrote in his book, ‘Democracy In America’: ‘Everyone in America has the vote and thus is a contributor to law-making. Anyone wishing to attack the law is thus reduced to adopting one of two courses: they must either change the nation’s opinion or trample its wishes under foot.’ Obama did trample, he interfered in the 2012 Democratic election by unleashing the IRS against the tea party movement and conservative organizations. This prevented conservatives from organizing, while the Left was allowed to exercise free speech unhindered.

“There was no need for Russian interference in 2012, we had our own Bolshevik in the White House using the tools of state to maintain power. Next Obama interfered in the 2016 election by using the FBI and DOJ to spy on the Trump campaign. Trump inspired voters because they knew the Republican Party needed a fighter in order to defeat the radical left. The fighting spirit that got Trump elected continues and must continue for him to succeed in office.”

Gilbert argues President Trump’s biggest political challenge is not immigration or the economy, but a progressive movement which has become radically unhinged, even violent.

“Trump’s biggest challenge is and continues to be the ongoing assault by the Democrat party and their allies in the leftist media complex upon American democracy,” he said. “The day after Trump won, about two million anti-democracy protesters took to the streets as the leading Democrats called for ‘resistance.’ Resistance is a military term, not a democratic term. In a democracy, the term is ‘opposition,’ which means ‘opposing opinion’ while ‘resistance’ is a call to violence. Resistance was the term used by anti-Nazi partisans in WWII, and is used today by Islamist terror groups like Hamas.

“This violent rhetoric of the Left not surprisingly led to liberal violence such as the attempted assassination of leading Republican lawmakers by a left-wing activist, James Hodgkinson. Representative Steve Scalise was gravely injured.”

Yet Gilbert says President Trump already has the skills he needs to defeat this violent movement. They are the same skills he displayed during the campaign – branding, combativeness and humor.

Can Donald Trump, despite all he is facing, defeat his, and America’s, enemies? Gilbert says he can, as long as he is true to himself.

“Trump just needs to continue being Trump to succeed” he concluded. And you can’t beat “Trump: The Art of the Insult” for a humorous and compelling look at Trump at his best.

No one brings the banter like our president. “The Art of the Insult,” available now in the WND Superstore.