I read with horror but not surprise the other day about a 38-year-old Chicago man who admits sexually assaulting two 6-year-old girls and an 8-year-old girl on repeated occasions, but with a new defense.

Joseph Roman says he’s actually a “9-year-old boy trapped in an adult’s body” – a trans-ager.

Joseph Roman

Joseph Roman

It was an inevitability in an age where too many so-called adults can no longer distinguish real and pretend, truth and lie, wishful-thinking and reality, fantasy and the way things are. So people re-invent themselves in perverse and peculiar ways, setting themselves up for special treatment, victimhood status, attention and sympathy.

Do you know how many “genders” there are now?

Let’s count:

  1. male
  2. female
  3. aporagender (Don’t make me try to explain – it’s all nonsense anyway)
  4. agender
  5. bigender
  6. butch
  7. cisgender
  8. demigender
  9. demiboy
  10. demigirl
  11. femme
  12. gay
  13. genderfluid
  14. gender neutral
  15. gender queer
  16. intergender
  17. lesbian
  18. nonbinary
  19. pansexual
  20. polygender
  21. transgender
  22. transsexual

I’m sure there are some new ones since I compiled this list, but you get the point.

We also have people now self-identifying as inanimate objects, animals and robots.

And now we have a 38-year-old guy who could very well beat the rap for sex with minors who says he’s really a 9-year-old. (Maybe not this year, but soon. After all, he’s from Chicago.)

And that’s really the point.

About the only sins left in liberalism today are leaving a carbon footprint that’s too big, having guns for your own protection in a world gone mad, male sexual harassment of females, being a conservative and being a Christian or supporting Israel.

Coveting your neighbor’s property is considered a virtue.

And the excuses for breaking both man-made and biblical laws have become legion.

So, let me ask you straight out: Would you be happier about raising children in this Brave New World where the rules and the vocabulary and reality itself are changing at warp speed?

Let’s face it, all one has to do today to belong to a group with special protections that permit them to trample the rights of others is to declare himself or herself as something other than God made him or her.

One’s state of mind is the important thing – one’s self-image, real or not, today, by the way, not yesterday or tomorrow. Perception can change – with surgery or simply with a new set of clothes.

And, what difference does a birth certificate make? You can change that, too. People born female are legally becoming male – and vice versa.

Remember the white woman who self-identified as black, but was thrown out as a leader of the NAACP? Seems entirely unfair, doesn’t it? After all, she felt black. Isn’t that what really matters?

It’s all about diversity and tolerance for liberals – except, perhaps, if you happen to be a straight, white, Republican male. Then you are, by definition, an oppressor, part of the racist, paternalistic societal construct of the past. So, liberalism is inventing, out of whole cloth, new social constructs.

I don’t know how to put this any more simply: This is madness on a scale unknown previously in the history of the world.

Do you love the United States of America? Then you are a bigot, a jingoist, a chauvinist and probably a white supremacist (and no, it doesn’t matter if you are black, brown or of mixed race).

Same-sex marriages are to be celebrated by all. If you are a cakemaker, videographer, photographer, caterer, you better find a new line of work.

If you are a parent who doesn’t want your little girl in a restroom with an adult male who identifies as a woman, you better not take her out in public, you ignorant fiend.

You need a babysitter for your little girls and want to find a nice female nanny? Be careful how you advertise.

The lady who used Joseph Roman to watch her little girls couldn’t imagine anything going wrong with leaving a 38-year-old man in charge – even for overnights.

What can I say? Check the guy’s voter registration. I’ll give you 10-1 odds he’s a Democrat.

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