Criminality invariably increases in frequency and severity when it goes unpunished. The best example is no longer street thugs or gang members, but Democratic congressmen.

Democrat Adam Schiff seems to be the star leaker on the House Intelligence Committee. He specializes in open communication with big-media anti-Trump propagandists, who are expert at publishing only the bits damaging to the president.

Now Mr. Schiff and his fellow crime syndicate colleagues have changed their tune. The committee has been sitting on a document for months, without one single “share” to its credit. Even Mr. Schiff, the serial leaker, hasn’t passed it on to his propaganda-outlet buddies.

Now the committee has voted to make the document available to any congressman, but only in a secure reading area. Not one Democrat – not even Mr. Schiff, the star leaker – voted for this wider distribution. Doesn’t that seem odd?

It doesn’t seem so odd when the congressmen who have bothered to read it say in interviews that it will cause firings and prison time for a variety of FBI and DOJ senior officials … including Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Strange that Mr. Schiff could keep all that to himself, huh?

When the vote comes to the full House to release the document to the public – and it will – how many Democrats do you suppose will vote to release? One? Ten? A hundred? Your answer says a lot about what you believe the Democrat Party has become over the last few administrations.

Election year criminality by Democrats started out like shoplifting. It involved ballot box stuffing in close local races. When this was ignored by Republicans, it grew to where the dead rose from the grave simply to vote Democratic.

When nothing was done, Democrats expanded economic redistribution. The most brilliant of these schemes was getting a tax refund from the IRS for those who didn’t pay taxes. So what did these voters do to earn the earned income tax credit? Why, they voted Democrat.

The most insidious and damaging Democratic policy was the destruction of families, fathers and children so the Democrats could win more elections. By creating a dependent class of single mothers, Democrats flooded the welfare rolls and ultimately decimated the public school systems in inner cities. It was, however, for Democrats a very successful program.

“Successful” simply meant that Democrats won the election. What the policy did for the people they “represented” never entered into the equation.

But Democrats weren’t satisfied with just winning. They wanted a permanent majority that would make them the governing party, forever. Because only when you reach that level of electoral certitude, can you begin to institutionalize the level corruption that has grown into the swamp in D.C.

A permanent majority could only be obtained by rewriting the immigration laws. What the Democrats wanted would never make it through open debate, even if they owned both chambers. The effects on existing Americans – terrorism, crime, overloaded schools, job losses and destroyed communities – would have been too harsh to survive open debate.

So there was no debate. No laws were passed. With the aid of a corrupt president at the helm for the last eight years, anything was possible. And we as Americans got what we got. Now Democrats are fighting to keep 3.6 million illegals from being returned back home. Compassion oozes from Democratic mouthpieces on why theses “Dreamers” should stay. The simple truth is 3.6 million more voters and their offspring will give Democrats their permanent majority. America will be no more.

Crime escalates and intensifies when it goes unpunished. Now is the time call a halt to this corruption, if we want to keep our nation. What we have witnessed is a coup by high-level government officials. It was done to cover up crimes they had already committed, which included using the eavesdropping power of the National Security Agency against the opposing presidential candidate with the intent of destroying him, and electing a woman who would cover their tracks.

The punishments meted out must be so severe that the memory will remain for a long, long time in the eyes of their successors.

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