It’s been coming for a long time.

But now it’s out in the open.

The social media giants and the big search engines are out to extinguish, decapitate and kill off the independent media that helped fuel the Donald Trump revolution in 2016.

The political, cultural and digital corporate cartel is not only out to get Trump, it is out to get us – starting with WND.

You’ve seen some of the evidence of this in recent headlines, but there is a lot more:

The headlines are pretty chilling, but the details are worse. There’s a war on for the nation’s heart, soul and mind, and the manipulation by the corporate titans of the internet are at the forefront. They are the new gatekeepers, and they are conducting a scorched-earth economic war against WND and our friends in the independent media.

Here’s how they play:

They set the rules on who gets traffic and revenue.

When we play by the rules effectively, they change them to deprive us of both.

When we figure out the new rules, they change those to favor the sites they like.

WND was on the Internet before any of them – Google, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. We’ve been her for more than 20 years, and, despite under-capitalization, never really had a problem surviving. Now things have changed for all independent media, because the titans are coming in for the kill shot.

I’m not exaggerating.

Our goal is to weather this superstorm we find ourselves in. We have a long-term plan not only for survival but for a winning formula that will knock their socks off. But we need your help to get us to the finish line. We need to buy some time for the transition.

Can you help us today?

You came through for us last week with a surge of generous donations that I know were sacrificial for many of you. It was enough to get us through the first month of anxiety – the $100,000 we asked for. And I cannot thank you enough. But this war is not over – not by a longshot. We need your support now for February and March, as things will get worse before they get better.

I want to emphasize that WND is unique in two ways in the alternative, independent media and always has been. We have a strong Judeo-Christian worldview, and because we are all refugees from what we euphemistically call the “mainstream media,” we apply the highest standards of journalism because we actually believe in them.

It’s a unique voice. It needs to be preserved. It needs to be expanded. It needs to become dominant and self-supporting through advertising revenues and subscriptions – not begging.

But today we’re begging. We make no apologies for it. We need you more than ever.

This is not just a fight to preserve the legacy of the media revolution WND touched off more than 20 years ago. This is a second revolution that will ensure that “freedom of the press” is not just a byword in America’s future.

We need to start on the next $100,000 TODAY.

Here’s how you can help us reach that goal:

  1. Prayer: This is No. 1. I don’t say it lightly. We believe in the power of prayer and the supernatural might of the God of Israel we serve uniquely among major news services in the world. No, WND is not a church – but it is a unique institution devoted to building God’s Kingdom. If you value it, please affirm it with the Creator of the universe.
  2. Your monthly contributions as your budget permits. That can come in the form of a monthly payment of as little as $3 and as much as $5,000 through our donation portal. We have hundreds of people who take advantage of this convenient method to remember us and encourage us in the battle for Truth in this age of lies and deception. Why not thousands?
  3. If you are blessed to be in a position to make a large, one-time large donation, it would be invaluable to us to reach this month’s goal – not at the last minute, but right now, today, or at least this week.
  4. Here’s a new way that might make your life a little better, too. Years ago, we noticed many people asking for an advertising-free version of WND supported by subscribers. We created one. It’s called WND Weekly. This digital weekly magazine contains nearly all the original content we produce daily, and we deliver it to your inbox Sunday – repackaged with attractive illustrations, images and graphics. We provide that service for only $3.99 a month or for an annual price of $29.99. You can even sample it for free to see if it’s for you.
  5. Have you checked out our online WND Superstore recently? This was once WND’s No. 1 source of revenue – for years! But because of the “Amazonization” of our culture, fewer people think of any other place to go for their books, Bibles, movies, gifts, preparedness needs and even unique products not carried at Amazon. Check out the handy links above to introduce or re-introduce yourself to the WND Superstore. Or, try browsing by entering the virtual front door.
  6. If you don’t already subscribe to our monthly Whistleblower magazine – available in both print and digital versions – you don’t know what you’re missing. Unlike any newsmagazine you’ve ever seen, every issue of Whistleblower is an incredible journey into one single topic of tremendous importance to you – a topic that, as a rule, is either ignored or twisted beyond recognition by the rest of the media. Whistleblower connects the dots and illuminates where today’s events are headed, what they really mean and what they portend for readers. It’s a must-read.
  7. For individuals and foundations willing to make contributions larger than $5,000, you can mail those to us at WND, P.O. Box 1627, Medford, Oregon 97501. I urge you to send me an email at [email protected], and I’d be happy to discuss it with you personally. You can also call one of our customer service representatives (1-800-4-WND-COM or 1-800-496-3266) with your phone number and I will get back to you personally. We even have an affiliated nonprofit institution we can tell you about that can ensure your contribution is tax-deductible.

In closing, permit me to repeat the blessing God gave to Moses for His people: “May the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.”

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