“If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. … It is hypocritical for feminists and intellectuals to enjoy the … conveniences of capitalism while sneering at it” (Camille Paglia)

On Aug. 15, 2015, I published my first WND column, “Donald Trump: Warrior male extraordinaire” and followed later with “Donald Trump: The new warrior king.” These articles caused some stir at the time; critics saw them as extravagant and sycophantic idol worship on my part. Yet, there seemed to be a small grain of truth therein. Now, however, after a highly productive and exciting first year of in-your-face Trumpism and rambunctious twitterism, they appear to be understatements of fact. His present list of accomplishments is astounding (“WND, National Review, Washington Examiner), and to add salt to his detractor’s wounds, he is in excellent health and achieved a perfect score on a 30-item cognitive test!

Why are Trump and masculine men so toxic and repulsive to today’s intellectual left and Democratic Party? Previously, I argued that the Republicans are the Daddy Party and the Democrats the Mommy Party. Although both parties – like our entire country – are highly feminized compared to adversaries like Russia, North Korea and numerous militant Muslim nations, there is still a residue of tentative maleness among Republicans. By contrast, the Democrats virtually swim in an ocean of estrogen and had the election gone as predicted, America would have quickly morphed into a gigantic harem ruled by Hilary the Great, replete with legions of male eunuchs and gloriously happy and safe “girly girls.”

But then the quintessential masculinist, warrior king Donald Trump prevailed, and their dreams were rudely shattered. And how they hate him for it, to the point of sheer madness!

Since the media and intellectual left rely so often on personal attacks (rather than substance), Trump’s accomplishments and bullet-proof health credentials have driven them perilously into what I call “politically correct psychosis.” When I coined this term in 2003, I had no idea that the Democratic left and the Marxist media would ever degenerate into the desperate and unruly mob that descended on Trump’s doctor as he summarized the president’s current medical and cognitive condition. One reporter was so distraught at the “awful news” of good health that he suggested that Trump’s doctor should be examined for cognitive deficit!

The symptom complex of politically correct psychosis (PCP) includes severely diminished cognitive functioning as well as delusions of grandeur, massive distortions of reality and wishful thinking taken to in-patient extremes. The media’s descent into PC psychosis during the Trump doctor’s report was woefully embarrassing to any civilized and reasonably intelligent person – even I felt a little bit sorry for them. Infantile and insipid questions about Trump’s waistline, possible dentures, dementia, addiction, love of McDonald’s hamburgers and such suggested IQs in the 90-95 range among highly educated people who no doubt actually score IQ at 120 and above. It is amazing how sudden attacks of PCP can lead to severely diminished cognitive functioning, like that seen in Cory Booker’s recent sexist rant or Nancy Pelosi’s coprophilic discourse on the Republican’s budget plan.

One of the most stupid and destructive PC delusions out there is that if America’s toxic white males were to disappear tomorrow the country would ascend to a higher moral level, peace on earth would reign, and the era of woman would come to full fruition. All but the most militant feminists will concede that the male mind was at the forefront of the slow and arduous trek from the earliest precultural stages of humanity to the first-world, highly technological civilizations of today, but it seems Modern Woman does not need us guys anymore. She is ready to take over. Just ask any Democrat.

Modern Woman is “equal” to men in every respect – that is, except she cannot and really does not naturally want to compete head-to-head with men on a level playing field. She still wants and needs a residue of feminized and compliant men to fight the wars, keep the railroads running, police the streets and enforce silly and draconian PC “laws” that, ironically, go against male interests. That is, she is everyman’s “equal” as long as the entire American system is transformed into an awkward and gigantic “safe zone” where she can strut and act tough like Megyn Kelly did questioning Trump during the pre-election debates.

The last thing Modern Woman wants is true “equality” vis-à-vis the male gender. There would be no women’s golf – just golf; no women’s tennis – just tennis; no women’s classes – just classes; no female Olympics – just Olympics; no women’s standards in the military – just standards; and so on. That would mean the elaborate and multifaceted protections women enjoy in American society would be nonexistent. As a proud father of a daughter and lucky husband of a beautiful and accomplished wife, I am all for fair and reasonable protections for women. In fact, my daughter and wife live in my personal zone of protection, and they love me for it. But unearned strutting privileges, pushing men out of society, or expecting them to simply move aside while you experiment with running the country is pure PC madness.

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