The chief of Americans for Tax Reform says the benefits from the Republican tax bill that was adopted before Christmas are “drip, drip, drip” on the criticisms of Democrats.

Grover Norquist, ATR’s president, said the hundreds of thousands of cash bonuses being handed out by companies appreciative of the reform are canceling out the attacks.

He told Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets in the Washington Examiner: “Every announcement of another company raising wages, hiring, paying bonuses, investing in America is another nail in the coffin of the Democrat attacks on the Republican tax cut. This drip, drip, drip is added to the daily reports on stock market gains, the bigger checks in pay envelopes and the jump in your 401K and IRA.”

WND has compiled, from a variety of sources, a Big List of companies that already have announced bonuses to employees, better pay, or other adjustments in response to the tax package.

Bedard quoted ATR’s John Kartch with confirmation that the list of companies could soon surpass 100.

“Small businesses from across the country are sending me news of their tax-cut bonuses, wage hikes, and charitable donations. Many of these were only announced internally. There is a broad and deep tsunami building,” he said.

He’s asking companies with such plans to let him know.

WND reported the announcements began immediately after the tax bill passed.

It started with AT&T expanding its bonus program to an additional 200,000 staffers getting $1,000 apiece.

Next came Boeing announcing a gift of $300 million in investment in its employee-related charitable program “to support our heroes, our homes and our future.”

Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bancorp announced they would raise their minimum wage to $15 in the New Year, with Fifth Third giving an additional bonus of $1,000 to 13,000 employees.

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You might remember, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the bill “Armageddon.”

The bonuses have gone as high as $2,000 for each employee at Express Employment Professionals, where CEO Bob Funk said: “We wanted to show our appreciation for our employees for doing such a good job this year. It’s our privilege to be able to give back to our employees.”

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