The political hacks on the left and still some on the right continue their attempts at trashing Trump, claiming he is racist, he’s obese and has other medical issues. They revel in his apparent low approval numbers and, of course, his “s—hole” comment heard ’round the world. Too busy are they even to notice how much good he’s done already. Or maybe they have noticed, which is why they are all in an absolute panic to try to hang the guy, before the rest of America figures it out.

Heck, have we ever seen such cooperation between North and South Korea? Not in my lifetime. Wonder why. Gee – I don’t know, but it couldn’t have anything to with Trump’s tough stand with Lil’ Kim (Jong-un). You know – the same stance that was surely going to end the world. Yeah, that one.

But let them all complain, wail and caterwaul about what a bad guy Trump is – that he is heartless, thin-skinned and unpolished. To me, it’s all just noise and coming mostly from a Democratic Party that appears to be losing relevance and grasping at anything to regain it.

Meanwhile, the president is quietly turning back the left and accomplishing more in a year than most have in four.

And here we go again, with yet another example of conservative policy. With little fanfare, the Trump administration now will allow states to require able-bodied Medicaid recipients to work for their benefits.

This, to me, is fascinating and appears to be a pattern with the Trump administration. While Trump loves to give grandiose public proclamations, most of his conservative accomplishments are enacted without the usual fanfare, press conference or braggadocios tweet.

It was reported Tuesday that, “President Donald Trump’s administration made clear that work requirements are now allowed in Medicaid waivers, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services just issued guidelines for the approval of work requirements. The administration has now strongly encouraged states to include these requirements in Medicaid waivers.”

The “guidelines” are meant to compel the able-bodied to work for their Medicaid benefits, so they no longer take them for granted and treat them as they have been – as an entitlement. In May, 2017, Trump proposed the very same initiative regarding food stamps.

In other words, if you want to continue to collect these benefits, get some skin in the game.

Despite the cries and lies from the political left, the public appears to be firmly behind Trump. “Nearly 90 percent of the public agree that ‘able-bodied adults that receive cash, food, housing, and medical assistance should be required to work or prepare for work as a condition of receiving those government benefits.'”

What is truly astounding is that, “The outcomes were nearly identical across party lines, with 87 percent of Democrats and 94 percent of Republicans agreeing with this statement.”

This work for Medicaid program is not a major initiative and nothing Earth-shattering like the tax-cut legislation or a Supreme Court justice, but it’s these small conservative actions that will eventually add up to big change. And so far, that change has been nothing but positive.

Regardless of all the tweets, myriad of other distractions and attacks on his character, this populist president, regardless of his rhetoric, is governing as a true conservative. He continues to surprise me – pleasantly so.

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