London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is infamous for his declaration terrorism is simply “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

And under Khan’s leadership, there’s another part of living in a big city that has become routine – soaring crime rates.

For example, gun crime in London is up 15 percent, homicides are up 25 percent, including an explosion in youth homicide of 70 percent, and robbery is up by more than a third.

The year 2017 ended with four fatal stabbings in London, with one man dying in the early hours of 2018 and becoming the first victim of the new year. Khan claims he will work “tirelessly in 2018 and beyond to stamp out this scourge,” but his past record is not encouraging.

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According to statistics from the London government itself, crime soared from 2016 to 2017, including in the categories of theft, robbery, burglary, knife crime and gun crime. Khan was elected mayor in May 2016.

Knife crimes increased 30 percent and the city recorded a rise in hate crimes in almost every category.

Among the most terrifying crimes in London are acid attacks, which have soared exponentially since 2014. There were 431 such attacks record in 2016, and police report they have become the tactic of first resort for some gangs.

Acid attacks also seem to correlate to the large Muslim population in some areas of the city.

According to Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine:

Newham is the London borough with the highest number of acid attacks. It also has the second highest percentage of Muslims in the UK. 398 acid attacks occurred in 5 years in the area named as “the most ethnically diverse district in England and Wales”. 33% of Newham consists of non-UK passport holders…

[T]he place with the third highest number of acid attacks is Tower Hamlets. Tower Hamlets is a Muslim no-go zone. It has one of the smallest native British populations in the country. 35% of the population is Muslim. Most of those are Bangladeshis with a healthy sprinkling of Somalis.

There were 84 acid attacks in what has been dubbed “The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets… Bangladesh has the highest rate of acid attacks in the world. But if anyone suggests that these two statistics are related, the Met police will investigate them for hate crimes.”

Labour MP Stephen Timms claimed London now has more acid attacks per capita than any other city in the world. He’s called for making it illegal for acid to be sold to anyone under 21. Democratic Unionist Party Jim Shannon has advocated acid attacks be treated as attempted murder.

Parts of London have become “no go zones” for delivery drivers fearful of acid attacks. Drivers now stop work after the sun goes down, willing to accept a pay cut if it means avoiding the danger increasingly present on the streets of London.

Meanwhile, Khan has called for the British government to cancel a planned visit by President Trump to the United Kingdom because Trump’s policies “go against everything we stand for.”

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