Have you ever noticed how liberals believe government can never do enough until it has absolute authority over the lives of citizens?

You would think, as America’s founding fathers believed, it is a self-evident truth that strictly limited government is the best system possible – one in which citizens largely govern their own lives to maximize liberty.

Not today’s liberals.

Let me give you a few examples of the way liberals demand the government coerce behavior and limit freedom in the name of “progress.”

  1. In the aftermath of the tragic Florida school massacre two weeks ago in which 17 students and faculty members were killed and 14 other suffered wounds, five of them life-threatening, liberals demand more gun confiscation by government, ensuring more slaughters like this one will occur, not fewer. What did government do to prevent it and minimize the carnage? Nothing. It was a government school left defenseless against an attack by one maniac living out his dream to kill lots of people – a dream he had done his level best to let everyone know he had, including the cops and the FBI. Government allowed this disturbed individual who had put up so many red flags it boggles the mind. Government failed to respond to the attack in mind-boggling ways. Now, the liberal solution to future school shootings is to empower government to confiscate more guns from law-abiding citizens, creating more “gun-free zones” and depending on government response when attacks like this inevitably happen again and again. But, have you ever seen any liberals give up their own guns to set an example for others? I know plenty of liberal who have guns. But I’ve never seen them turn them in voluntarily to government. Why not?
  2. Liberals don’t like tax cuts because they fear government won’t have the resources to take care of them. But have you ever seen even one liberal – even a very wealthy one – voluntarily demonstrate his or her concern by paying the government more in taxes?
  3. Liberals don’t like carbon dioxide and blame it for being the gravest threat to the planet. They demand that governments all over the world – or preferably one big, all-powerful global government – set limits on the way our society produces carbon emissions from cars, power plants, airplanes and manufacturing. But have you ever seen even one liberal decrease his or her own “carbon footprint” in any meaningful way – whether it be Al Gore, George Soros, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or the rest of the global-government crowd? No, and you never will. That’s because the phony peril of “climate change” is simply a scam to transfer more power to government at the expense of freedom and self-government.
  4. Liberals say they believe in diversity and tolerance, but they don’t exhibit these qualities in the workplaces they control, the schools they administer, the campuses they run or in the public square. They stifle debate and dissent. They ridicule and blacklist those with whom they disagree. They even advocate, openly and proudly, acts of violence against their ideological opponents and sometimes even commit and condone them.
  5. Now, back to the gun violence issue, for a moment. Liberals proclaim themselves as champions of minorities. Yet, they control most major cities in America – like Washington, D.C., and Chicago where minorities disproportionately are victims of gun violence in cities that have all but banned possession of firearms. Thus, these cities have become killing fields. Where is the outrage from the liberals over this gun violence? What are they doing to reassess their assumptions? Why did it take the slaughter of mostly white students and faculty members in Florida to raise their ire to a fever pitch when black and brown kids are being gunned down at alarming rates every weekend in the cities they control, they manage and where they set the rules?

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