I think Rush Limbaugh has it exactly right when it comes time to the Robert Mueller probe of “Russian collusion.”

He’s not investigating Russian collusion. If he were, his targets would be Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

He’s not investigating foreign interference in an election. If he were, he would be investigating Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

What he’s doing, at the behest of the Deep State, can be better explained by the old military and sports adage, “The best defense is a good offense.”

It’s well-known and well-documented that Hillary and Obama were the architects of shady deals with Russia. Among them:

  • Uranium One
  • The infamous “reset”
  • The embarrassing live microphone quip, “Give me some space until after the election” on a new missile pact with Vladimir Putin

The criminal activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton are legion, and Obama was part of the cover-up – and thus implicated. Obama’s own political crimes are also legion – from using the IRS to go after political adversaries, to wiretapping the press, to, yes, doing exactly what Russia is accused of doing to America in 2016, interfering in the elections of others. In Obama’s case, he did it at least six times during his eight years in office – that we know about.

So, how does the Deep State make the world forget about those awful abuses of office?

You start an investigation of Donald Trump and his associates. And, not finding anything, you extend the length – and then you extend the scope and pack the probe with those out to get Trump.

You can get away with it because the media hate Trump as much as the Deep State does.

But, by going on offense against your adversary, you make it that much less likely that the real culprits of illegality are ever going to be held accountable, let alone be prosecuted.

It’s Obama’s legacy that is being protected. And it’s the serial criminal racketeering of the Clintons that is being covered up.

Should Trump fire Mueller? I once thought so. But not so much anymore. In fact, the longer this faux probe continues, the better off politically Trump will become. It’s clear there’s no fire there. There isn’t even any smoke.

I understand it’s 2018 and there is a midterm election right around the corner, and that’s too bad. Congressional Republicans don’t seem to know how to handle this matter, with few exceptions – among them Devin Nunes. And that’s a problem. Because if Democrats should win control of the Congress, they will try to impeach Trump.

And then we might have a civil war on our hands.

Maybe that’s what the Deep State really wants.

Then, of course, you have the fake media, which goes along with this sham like the lapdogs they truly are.

Remember, Obama knew what Hillary was doing with the illegal server. He admitted it. He condoned it. How could she be prosecuted for something the president also covered up?

And what about the six instances of Obama interfering in the national politics of other countries?

  1. He did it in Israel in an attempt to deny Benjamin Netanyahu the prime minister position.
  2. He did it in Libya with a disastrous coup that got its leader killed along with an American ambassador and some other heroic Americans.
  3. He did it in Kenya as a U.S. senator who went to the aid of one of his corrupt relatives, Raila Odinga.
  4. He did it in Macedonia where his administration spent millions destabilizing the government.
  5. He did it in Honduras by standing by a corrupt leftist, like himself, a close friend of Hugo Chavez, as he tried to dismantle the country’s constitution.
  6. And he did it famously in Egypt by supporting a Muslim Brotherhood fanatic to replace a pro-American, pro-West president, Hosni Mubarak

Do you get it? The Deep State accuses others of doing what it actually does – in recognition that the best defense is a good offense.

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