Calling out ‘LGBT’ agenda: Hate or hope?

By Linda Harvey

For my birthday this year, my husband gave me an inscribed silver bracelet, reading, “With God, all things are possible.” It’s particularly meaningful because I close my Mission America radio shows with that verse, a play on the “Mission: Impossible” theme.

Because truly, nothing is impossible with God, and no person is out of His reach. We must not give up on even the wickedest of souls, some in visible positions who seem bound and determined to destroy our culture – and Christianity, if they could.

But they won’t succeed.

Homosexuality is a profoundly corrupting sin, and the nasty emails and calls I’ve received over the years amply illustrate the confusion of sexual anarchy. Especially heartbreaking are those from teens already indoctrinated (and poorly educated), like this one:

“Hello, my name is *** and I would like to speak with you on your perspective of abortion, sex education and of course, the absolutely iconic saying of which you interpreted as ‘poisoning children’s minds.’ While I may only be 14, I can’t help but ask why you are so stubborn and close-minded[sic]. One of my favorite shows, ‘Star Vs The Forces Of Evil,’ was mentioned in one of your articles about how children were in absolute danger while being exposed to the absolutely horrifying gay agenda we have today. What is your problem with homosexuality, what is your problem with educating our youth about safe sex, when they’re bound to have it. … I will express my opinions as you will yours. God’s not real HAHAHAH bye.”

A snarky 14-year-old who believes teens will inevitably have sex? As disheartening as this is, messages from apostate Christian leaders are also deeply troubling. Consider this email sent by “Reverend Joanna”:

“As a pastor, ordained in the Christian faith, I find your view ‘horrifying.’ I am not sure what led you to such an extreme view that targets and hurts other human beings but I hope that somehow God’s love will touch you and reorient your views. Human beings are not pre-programmed automatons who were created to fit into one small template. You spreading hate and fear is certainly not helpful nor dare I say it, Christian. … I’m pretty sure that promoting hate is not the way of Jesus.”

She is correct that hate is not acceptable to Jesus, so why initiate such a Christ-dishonoring, sin-exalting, hostile email to me? Even though “Reverend Joanna” studied at an evangelical seminary, she apparently detoured around an authentic biblical faith.

Where is her humane concern for impressionable children? Are liberal pastors unaware that “LGBT” propagandists are deliberately desecrating America’s youth?

Horrifically, the answer in many cases is yes, they are aware, yet they don’t consider what’s going on to be harmful but a kind of “salvation.” Many, themselves already adjusted to depravity, are OK with lessons normalizing “safe” anal, oral and vaginal sex for seventh-graders.

Sadly, this female “reverend” and I exchanged several emails where I explained these trends, but she remained unmoved about the homosexual movement’s agenda and even accused me of this:

“…The way you present your view puts a group of people – however you want to understand them – at risk of emotional and bodily injury.”

While stubbornly clinging to the indefensible, she predictably deploys the well-worn victim card. Will intimidation tactics like this keep silencing believers? Some of us still believe Scripture’s identification of sin instead of the rationalizations of wayward humans. We accept what the Lord taught and are willing to call out lies for what they are.

The embrace of sin puts people in danger. In America, we have laws that dissuade and punish anyone foolish enough to intentionally harm anyone, for any reason. Proclaiming God’s truth about sin to a lost and deluded “group of people” is not a problem, but a message of hope.

Compare these critiques/attacks to a year-end note from a ministry donor: “Thank you for all you do every day to protect our children and to speak truth. May God bless your work and give you a great year in 2018. Keep fighting the good fight.”

So, who’s right? One side hurls vile and unsupported accusations. The other cries for help for our vulnerable children who are being deceived.

American children are the real victims here.

Nothing speaks more forcefully to the great divide in our culture than these contrasting reactions to the same material. And you know what? We need to keep this divide going – until the truth reigns, which it will in the end.

Still, the subterfuge continues. One writer recently noted a very disturbing trend, which the Reverend Joanna may exemplify – the unintentional or even purposeful effort to “de-convert” someone. Here’s what Michael J. Kruger wrote on his blog recently:

“But when it comes to reaching the ‘found,’ there’s … a method to which the evangelical church has paid very little attention. It’s what we might call the de-conversion story.

“De-conversion stories are designed not to reach non-Christians but to reach Christians. And their purpose is to convince them that their crusty, backwards, outdated, naïve beliefs are no longer worthy of their assent. Whether done privately or publicly, this is when a person simply gives their testimony of how they once thought like you did and have now seen the light.”

And then he discusses Jen Hatmaker and others, like Rob Bell. Saved from salvation through their false Christ, they now entice others into the conflict-free, intoxicating and sin-permitting world of the spiritually adulterous.

I would now add Guy Benson (Fox News contributor, editor) to this list. I recently wrote about his viral “gay proclamation” video, which is misleading millions.

It remains a tough task to challenge “LGBT” orthodoxy, but it’s a task I hope more Christians will take on.

The truth still sets people free, so let’s not shrink in fear because of name-calling, scoffing and lies.

When it’s presented to them, those who have ears to hear joyfully embrace authentic morality and the hope it brings.

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