Most of us have hindsight. Whether or not we use it is another matter.

Why should we use hindsight? Sometimes it reveals that things we thought just “happened” to us were in fact part of a larger plan unfolding around us. By discerning that today’s event “E” was brought about by an earlier event “D,” which was caused by event “C,” we can trace events that have brought about the conditions we now live with, all the way back to their origins. Then we can see the building blocks, one piled on top of another. If such events were random, one would expect that certain events would improve things, and certain events would make them worse.

Humanity, in so much as that term applies to much of what the world has become today, is inclined to believe that we are the “prime mover” in all of human history. That’s what I learned back in the Dark Ages in college. Yet a quick look through the Old Testament at what the prophets foretold, anywhere from hours and days, to centuries before the event happened, should give us pause. God can and does orchestrate events, from the minute and highly personal, to the world-shaking, including the rise and fall of nations on the earth. These events in turn affect large numbers of people in their individual lives.

Before you rush out to join the “screaming at the sky” crowd who wants to blame God for every human catastrophe and natural disaster in the world, consider that other created intelligences abound. Not all of their plans for humanity are benign.

Let’s walk through one example that has recently surfaced. The “U.S. Department of Justice website indicates a very active caseload for human trafficking/child sexual abuse prosecutions. This Rutherford Institute article by John W. Whitehead indicates an immense amount of money is being generated by this worldwide illegal trade.

My own view is that it took a number of seemingly unrelated steps to reach today’s level of activity in this terrible trade. A major predictor for children being drawn into this net is fatherless households.

Fatherless households didn’t arrive overnight. Nor did the “progressive” remedy, the “state as daddy.” In reality, the state’s only function is sending a welfare check or renewing an EBT card every month. That just doesn’t cut it when children, especially girls, are growing up. Pedophiles insert themselves into this situation. Who opened the door?

Certainly abortion, which champions the killing of children before they are even born, has cheapened human life. Those involved in abortion now brag about it, while they sell the baby parts for research. Selling children into sexual slavery instead of dismembering them almost seems compassionate in comparison.

To many of America’s “best and brightest” elites, with their inbred minds, getting rid of manufacturing jobs was a no-brainer. But for men who had no desire to enter college, exporting these jobs didn’t help their families much, did it? But it did get the government’s nose under the family tent.

The nuclear family has been on the hit list of “progressives” for generations. They wouldn’t articulate it that way, of course. They’re all for Robin Hood style righteousness: helping the helpless. But in fact, they are all about creating the helpless, organizing them together into various groups that are offended about one thing or another, then using these groups to extend the power of the state to control both the helpless and the rest of us.

Illegal immigrants provide an excellent cover for transporting children and enslaving them. The general tone of lawlessness encouraged by those in favor of illegal immigration aids and abets this terrible crime. There are persistent rumors of some very powerful people in our government benefiting from these crimes. If this is untrue, why do the policies that benefit those in the trade continue to flourish?

Random events do not proceed straight to the finish line, brick upon brick, which in this case was nuclear family destruction. But events being guided by a malevolent intelligence could. As they have.

You can apply hindsight to some of the other issues in the world today. For instance, can you get from event “E” today with mass surveillance back to event “A”? How about academic decline? How about the decline of politics?

Earth’s Final Kingdom. How will you know?

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