Devin Nunes is one of those guys who went to Congress for all the right reasons.

He was like Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

He didn’t want to be a politician. That was not his aspiration. He wanted to serve his country, his Constitution, to preserve our institutions of limited government and liberty.

I’ve known him since 2010. He was a successful rancher in Northern California. I met him through another successful rancher turned member of Congress, former Rep. Richard Pombo, with whom I write a book many years ago called “This Land Is Our Land,” a kind of manifesto on property rights.

One day I got a call from Pombo who told me about his colleague from a neighboring district. He said he had written a book he wanted to get published. It was all written. Would I look at it.

Sure, I said. A little later I was on the phone with someone who would become the political man of the hour in 2018. He told me about his book, “Restoring the Republic.” Nunes sent it to me in digital form. And WND Books published it soon thereafter.

You can imagine it’s as hot as a firecracker right now.

It’s so hot the New York Times called to interview me about Nunes – and what he was really like.

I told them.

Nunes is a humble man, down to earth, good sense of himself, lived modestly.

In fact, when I met him in 2010, he was living in his House office, like a handful of other members of Congress, including, at that time (but no longer, thank goodness), Anthony Weiner.

Don’t underestimate Nunes. He’s as sharp as a tack.

He’s principled, patriotic and not for sale – except for his book, of course.

What he did with regard to this affront to the Constitution and the rule of law in Washington recently is heroic. We owe Devin Nunes a debt of gratitude for his actions in spelling out in plain language the corruption that was taking place inside the Deep State.

Of course, he’ll never get the credit he deserves for exposing this outrageous abuse of the judiciary, the FBI, the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department – not from the media, not from the permanent government, not from progressives who want to hang Donald Trump out to dry.

But he deserves to get it from us – the people.

May I make a suggestion how we can do that?

Let’s send Devin Nunes’ book to the New York Times best-seller’s list! It can be done.

How do you think they’d like that over there at the newspaper of record?

Would they even acknowledge it?

For my part, I promise to reprint as many as are required – as long as you keep buying them.

So, if you want to thank Nunes for his famous memo, his courage and his intestinal fortitude, now you know how.

In addition, you’ll get to know the real Devin Nunes – not the caricature the media have portrayed.

Who knows? It may inspire you or people you know to run for Congress to make sure America stays on track. Maybe this is the moment he had in mind when he came up with that title, “Restoring the Republic.” It certainly seemed like a pipe dream to me in 2010.

But Nunes had faith. You gotta love that.

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