James Rogan’s commentary on the Vietnam War is nothing more than a rehash of all the lies told about that war. I’m sure in his mind America and, in particular, its soldiers are God’s instruments of justice on earth.

The reality is that in the 50 years since the Vietnam War ended, America has tried to forget what really happened and instead created a mythology of a noble cause that whitewashes over the suffering we inflicted on that country.

From humble beginnings in the halls of the CIA, the war escalated to unbelievable levels of violence based on the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident. It was a formula that would be repeated with future American wars. During the course of the war, more bombs were dropped on tiny Vietnam and later Laos and Cambodia than were dropped during all of World War II. Napalm, cluster bombs and white phosphorous bombs were added to the list of accepted weapons, while hundreds of thousands of civilians were rounded up and forced into “Strategic Hamlets,” which were little more than overcrowded, starving prison camps.

Millions of gallons of agent orange destroyed the environment and forests, and unexploded bombs still litter the country to this day. To America, the only tragedy of the war was the 58,000 U.S. soldiers killed and put on the Vietnam Wall, but imagine a wall with 3.5 million names and millions more from Laos and Cambodia. If we had learned the true lessons of Vietnam we might have avoided future wars based on official lies such as fake incubator baby stories in the first Iraq War and the now infamous WMD claim.

These wars, along with countless other military and CIA actions abroad, have not made the world better or America safer.

Jeff Toney

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