Former President Obama (Photo: Twitter)

Former President Obama (Photo: Twitter)

One of the primary objectives of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016, including last week’s indictment of 13 Russians, is to protect former President Barack Obama, contends talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

While Hillary Clinton also is being protected, Obama “is the primary person being protected here, because all of this spying and all of his collusion to destroy Trump happened with his knowledge and probably encouragement,” he said on his nationally syndicated show Monday.

Limbaugh pointed out that “the only collusion that we know of – that could actually be established – is that between Hillary Clinton and the Russians, through Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS.”

He noted that Washington watchdog Judicial Watch has just discovered “yet another dossier” used to undermine Trump, this one created by the Obama State Department.

Limbaugh said in an interview Sunday with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, reported Real Clear Politics, that while Democrats have claimed Trump’s campaign worked with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton, the evidence shows the “dossier” on which the investigation was based is an unsubstantiated document with Russian sources, funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Mueller’s indictment Friday said the Russians tried to influence the election by attacking Hillary Clinton and later organizing anti-Trump rallies. But the Justice Department said there was no allegation that any American was a knowing participant, and the interference didn’t affect the outcome of the election.

Limbaugh said: “It hasn’t changed from the get-go. It is about protecting Hillary and Obama.”

But Obama “is the primary person being protected” and “the reason Hillary isn’t charged is because that would mean Obama would have to be exposed as participating in the scheme, too,” Limbaugh said.

“And there’s no question about this. This is a paid political opposition research document that was made to look like legitimate intelligence. It perhaps was used to defraud the FISA court,” he said.

He pointed out Mueller’s indictment only claims certain Russians defrauded the U.S. with mail fraud and wire fraud, leaving Steele and Fusion GPS uncharged.

Monday Limbaugh explained the fact that Mueller claims the Russians tried to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign isn’t surprising: They thought she was going to win.

Their objective, he said, was to trigger chaos in America.

“They’re trying to sow discord.”

He continued: “So what we found out is, if you read the indictment, what the Russians were doing was trying to incite discord against whoever won. And that’s why most of their action was targeting Hillary Clinton, because everybody thought she was gonna win. Nobody thought Trump was gonna win. In fact, the Russians actively thought Trump was gonna lose.

“So all of this anti-Hillary stuff, that’s how it was characterized as the Russians colluding with Trump. But that’s not what it was. It was the Russians sowing discord against who they thought would be the eventual winner. And then when Trump wins, what do they do? They do a 180 and they start organizing rallies in opposition to Trump. The Russians organized a ‘He’s not our president’ rally. Tens of thousands of people all over the country. We now learn the Russians did it.”

He explained the real gist of the Mueller indictment.

“I think a lot of people are missing the point of this indictment. When the Department of Justice files an indictment in a case that it knows is never gonna be tried — and, folks, that is fundamental here. This is a key point to understand. Mueller, Rosenstein, everybody knows that these perps will never see a courtroom. They will never be extradited. We will make show of asking the Russians to extradite them and send them here, but they’ll get together at the KGB headquarters with a bottle of vodka or two and have a party, laughing themselves silly that they’re making a mess of the American political system so easily.”

He explained: “This creates a story, a narrative for the Drive-By Media to go to town with to further this absurd notion that the Russians tried to make sure Trump won. It’s the exact opposite. That’s not what they were doing. If you read the indictment, what comes through is that Putin wanted Trump to win and wanted to the disparage Hillary. That is the narrative, and that’s exactly what Mueller got. That’s exactly what the media is reporting. So the indictment becomes an historical document standing as the official finding of what happened.”

Limbaugh said the Russians had a policy “to sow discord against the winner, and they expected that to be Hillary.”

“They were already trying to undermine Hillary under the belief she was gonna win.”

WND co-founder and CEO Joseph Farah wrote nearly a year ago about the evidence that the Obama administration was using classified information from intel agencies to influence the election.

“There was a cover-up – a big one. It’s still going on. It began simultaneously with the criminal conspiracy orchestrated in the White House to use all the power of the federal government to spy on the political opposition campaign of Donald Trump. It included leaking select information to create a ‘Trumped-up’ political diversion – the notion that it was the Russians who were actually conducting dirty tricks in the 2016 election campaign – again using their own political appointees at U.S. intelligence agencies to make the case.”

He noted the problem was that there was no evidence.

Also, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said nearly two years ago that the evidence showed Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted for mishandling classified information because Obama would have been implicated as well.

He explained that Obama had been found to be communicating with Clinton through her private, unsecure and unauthorized private email server, on which she put classified information.

“Indeed, the evidence is growing that Obama knowingly did what Clinton did, and transferred classified information over her unsecure and unauthorized private email system,” McCarthy said.

Emails between the president and his secretary of state with sensitive information are “born classified,” as McCarthy pointed out in a Sept. 26 article in National Review titled “Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted.”

Obama himself seemed keenly aware of that, because he used a fake name in the emails.

But he claimed he learned about Clinton’s private email server at “the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.”


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