I am confused. And appalled. No writer’s name could I find on this WND article. It then appears to be an advertisement by WND, which really is neither here nor there. WND has every right to advertise a book on its own site if management wants to.

What confuses me is why this article uses “high profile” Newt Gingrich and Gov. Mike Huckabee to recommend the book, especially as it’s supposedly promoting a book proving the Bible is archaeologically sound/accurate. I agree, the Bible is accurate (as it was given) – but you use a known and self-admitted serial adulterer to do so (Newt Gingrich)? His current “wife” is the same woman he admits to having had an adulterous relationship with while he was “married” to his second “wife” whom he admits he had an adulterous relationship with while he was still married to his first (and real) wife. Those are just the documented facts while the rest might be slander; I don’t know, or care.

Gingrich is a polygamist according to the same Bible. Sure, polygamy did exist in Bible times, but they did not put away their wives in order to take on a new, fresh, batch. So, you use a blatantly immoral man, who follows after the U.S. form/rules of serial monogamy (one of the worst forms of polygamy). He had wife No. 2 while his first wife battled cancer, then he betrayed wife No. 2 for wife No. 3. Well, maybe his second “wife” deserved it, but not his first. He’s been married three times! And never been a widower yet.

I had thought WND sided with its Christians/Christianity and tried to be biblical. So many of your articles and authors are geared that way. I’m just amazed that you’d use Newt Gingrich to promote a book supposedly (I haven’t read it) verifying the Bible, as something we believers would care to read.

Why not see if former President Bill Clinton might want to recommend the same book as well? Newt is a politician, and in that field he appears quite knowledgeable and proficient. What that has to do with the Bible, I do not know. Not just any “high profile” advocate will do, you know.

Also, your article says Huckabee is a governor. Of what state? Because Wikipedia says he’s not and hasn’t been a governor for quite some time now.

Angela Davis

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