Nikolas Cruz is not a need for gun control. Nikolas Cruz is a cause for permitting teachers and school officials to be armed, and he is an unimpeachable argument for doing away with gun-free zones.

Cruz is also a reason for We the People to point out the failure of the gun-control crowd, who are determined to seize upon every opportunity to advance their damnable agenda.

Gun control hasn’t stopped violent gun crimes; rather, it is in a part large responsible for the escalation of same. The Nikolas Cruzes were not coming onto school property and killing people when I was growing up. As I have shared many times before, when I was in high school we routinely carried our guns to school in our cars and pickup trucks. Periodically, we would settle a dispute with an obligatory punch and wrestle in the parking lot after school, but no one ever reached for his gun in those situations.

The only thing that has changed since then, despite absurd arguments to the contrary, are the unrestricted dispensing of psychotropic drugs by doctors and the obligatory government-mandated big pharma injections. I’ve discussed those ad nauseam in the past.

Gun-control advocates, gun-free-zone advocates and those pushing for more jejune and onerous gun laws are stunning in their denial of the obvious. To said point I reference George Kelly from his book on Personal Construct Theory: “A psychological disorder is any personal construction which is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation,” i.e., repeating the same thing failure after failure is a psychological disorder.

If failure from repeating the same mistakes ad nauseam were an Olympic sport, progressive liberals would have an unparalleled record of success. But it isn’t, and they don’t.

Politicians like Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., wasted no time calling for a ban on assault weapons, but she is too D-U-M-B to realize or too D-I-S-H-O-N-E-S-T or probably both to know that we already have a ban on assault weapons. Semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15 may look like a military-grade weapon, which is fully automatic and therefore an assault weapon, but it is not. For Feinstein to argue otherwise is like arguing she’s intelligent because she’s in Congress.

Contacts in Pennsylvania informed me that civilian government types there sent emails to employees instructing them that if a shooting situation occurs, they should hide from shooters, and that if possible, pick up a stapler or some other heavy object and throw it at the shooter. Apparently they believe throwing a stapler at a killer with a gun is more effective self-protection than a triple tap center-mass from a Glock 21 Gen4, .45 ACP.

Media calumniators like Geraldo Rivera proffer ignorant arguments based upon their stenotopic heterodoxy when it comes to the Second Amendment. However, he has less standing to dishonestly attack our right to own and bear the firearms of our choice than I do to address his record of marital infidelity.

Rivera and those like him are paper dolls that think being able to say they own a handgun makes them a real man. But, they argue, We the People should not be allowed to own the firearm(s) of our choice.

What Nikolas Cruz points out beyond any shadow of doubt is that anti-Second Amendment advocates and politicians are not interested in resolving the incidence of mass shootings, especially in schools and churches. If they were they would admit their failure and advocate for the citizenry to be armed and for an end to “ducks on a pond” shooting galleries like schools.

Which brings me back to Rivera. In a heated exchange over gun control with Larry Elder, Rivera said: “What do you do with an AR-15, hunt ducks?” To which I would have responded that is exactly what Cruz did. He shot children and teachers who were tantamount to be ducks on a pond, because they were denied their constitutional right to own and bear arms.

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