An Associated Press reporter, apparently without all the facts, sniped at a Florida state senator for telling a woman in the gallery to “stand up and show everyone how pretty you are.”

The woman was the lawmaker’s wife.

Here’s the initial social-media barb from the AP’s Gary Fineout:

According to Twitchy, it was after others pointed out the woman was Florida state Sen. George Gainer’s wife that the AP reporter tried to backtrack.

Fineout added: “Spokeswoman for Senate President said Gainer was referring to his wife. Wasn’t clear at the time since the recognition on the Senate screen mentioned other folks.”

His clarification sparked an extended discussion on Twitter, most of which was not complimentary of American media.

“By wasnt (sic) clear, you mean ‘Too difficult for me to not immediatly (sic) tweet something to try and cause outrage for likes and retweets’?” said one tweet.

“If it wasn’t clear, then wouldn’t a competent reporter keep quiet until he knew his criticism was warranted?” wrote “Global Tax Goddess.”

And “Jae” said, “A good reporter would have checked the facts first. This is why #fakenews is no prevalent.”

“Cindy” offered this advice: “Why don’t you just apologize instead of making it worse?”

The AP reporter’s tweet came amid a wave of complaints of sexual harassment and misbehavior in Washington, Hollywood and the business world prompted by the accusations last fall against film mogul Harvey Weinstein.



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