Democrats are offended by President Donald Trump, by his victory, by what he does, likely even by his very existence, and they are laying “traps” every day to try to remove him from office, says talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh.

“And they’re not going to stop,” he said Tuesday.

He was commenting on the opposition from Democrats, liberals and progressives, in the context of the ongoing “Russia” investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

That investigation continues after more than a year, even though there’s been no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. In fact, the evidence so far suggests that any collusion that happened was between the Hillary Clinton campaign at the Russians.

None of that has any bearing on the Democrats’ agenda, however, he said.

“It’s all part of a collaborative effort to get rid of Donald Trump,” he said. “There hasn’t been the slightest change in that objective no matter what you’ve heard reported in the news, no matter how badly you think the Mueller investigation is going, no matter how much you think, ‘Gosh, the guy hasn’t found anything.’ Remember, pursuing high crimes and misdemeanors and evidence of incompetence, that’s a far different thing than trying to find evidence of a crime for which there would be an indictment and charges and a jury and a conviction.”

He explained there simply is no crime to investigate, and “That’s what makes this outrageous, folks. That’s what makes this obscene. There is no crime. The establishment is simply offended that Trump won. They are offended that they haven’t been able to stop him. They’re offended and bothered they weren’t able to stop him. They’re offended each day that he’s still there. They’re offended that he tweets. They’re offended that he’s enjoying himself.”

There’s more, he continued.

“They’re offended that he gets away with everything they’ve thrown at him. They’re offended his tax cuts are working. They’re offended that he dared attack Obamacare. They are offended that he continues to attack Crooked Hillary, Crazy Bernie. They’re offended, they’re offended, they can’t stand it, and the objective is to get rid of this guy no matter what else. And they’re not going to stop.”

He said the biggest event – for a long while – will be the 2018 midterms.

“And I guarantee you if the Democrats win, the first thing they’re gonna do is present articles of impeachment. The next thing they’ll do is repeal the tax cut. The next thing they’ll do is shore up Obamacare, put the government more in charge of it and fix it. The next thing they’ll do is force Clarence Thomas or some conservative on the court to resign and replace him with some fleabag, uber-leftist, at which point they own it.”

They all, the Muellers, the Hillarys and more, “have their role,” he said.

“And everybody’s responsibility is to get Trump. There will not be any exoneration of Donald Trump.”

He said the president needs to be careful, “’cause every day is a trap for Trump. Every day is a trap. Every day somebody somewhere in the swamp, in the establishment is laying a trap,” he said.

“This school shooting story and the aftermath and what’s being done promoting the students and their gun-free zone and their protest, it’s a trap. Every day Trump is faced with countless traps. And they think they’re gonna get him one of these days with all these tweets. When they say they wish he would stop, they hope he continues, because they think he’s gonna one day tweet something that’s gonna blow it all to smithereens.”

He said, “Folks, this is about one thing. It’s what I told Chris Wallace on Sunday as I’ve continued to tell you. This is about getting Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been the target — Donald Trump has been the suspect — from before this investigation began. That remains the objective: Getting rid of Donald Trump via impeachment if the Democrats win the House in 2018. And everything Mueller is doing is in preparation for that. The preparation of a dossier, if you will, of evidence or a case for House Democrats to use in impeaching Trump.”

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