The Nunes memo released Friday shows special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the wrong people “on purpose,” contends talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

The declassified report by the Republican majority on the House Intelligence Committee confirms that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for a British spy to produce a salacious and discredited opposition report on Donald Trump that was submitted by the Justice Department to a top-secret surveillance court as evidence to obtain warrants to spy on a Trump campaign adviser.

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“I was really worried that expectations for this memo had been raised so high that no matter what the contents people would react, ‘Is that it? Is that all?’ Folks, if anything, this memo was undersold. The revelations in this memo, even though the foundation of it we suspected and were very certain were true, the add-on items, the confirmation of the political corruption of the FBI at the upper levels and the DOJ, ditto, is inescapable,” Limbaugh said.

The talk host said “now we find out that the special counsel is investigating the wrong people!”

“And that’s on purpose! The special counsel needs to be investigating the Clinton campaign and its conspiring with Russia to influence the outcome of a presidential election and then question the legitimacy of that election after it had happened. The collusion, the conspiring, all of that happened with the Democrat Party, with Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Fusion GPS, and the wife of Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official whose wife worked at Fusion GPS.”

He said it’s “entirely a Democrat-run operation!”

“Trump was nowhere near it. The special counsel is now looking for evidence of Trump conspiring with Russia, so there’s none. Nobody found any. Now they’re looking at Trump obstructing justice. This is a major, major expose. The swamp, the establishment has had the lid blown off of it today.”

Democrats contend the memo is incomplete and misleading.

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Republicans said it was a good start to bringing transparency to the bias in the federal government by bureaucrats seeking to undermine President Trump.

It was those bureaucrats, the memo revealed, who, Limbaugh said, “knew that Christopher Steele wrote the dossier with the assistance of Russian agents.”

“They knew that Christopher Steele passionately opposed Donald Trump and did not want him to become president. They knew all of this. They knew it was made up, and they wanted all of us to read that – and, as such, for over a year we have all been able to read about the golden showers. We’ve been able to read about all the so-called Trump people that met clandestinely with Russian agents,” he said.

“It never happened.

“Neither did the golden showers happen.”

He pointed fingers.

“People at the Department of Justice and the FBI – and this means Loretta Lynch. This means James Comey. This means up to Obama. This means people knew that the Steele dossier was an opposition research document from the Clinton campaign. It was not intelligence. They knew that but did not inform that FISA court of that.”



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