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Satisfaction with U.S. position in world surges 13% under Trump

A new poll by Gallup indicates the number of Americans who are satisfied with America’s position in the world has surged 13 percent under President Trump.

The results of the Feb. 1-10 poll of nearly 1,200 adults, both through cell phone and landline, found 45 percent are happy with the U.S. position in the world and 55 percent believe the world views the U.S. favorably.

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The Gallup results have a margin of sampling error of 4 percentage points.

“The trends … of how Americans assess the United States’ place in the world have each followed different paths since 2016, the final full year of Barack Obama’s presidency,” Gallup said.

Those happy with America’s position in the world dipped from 36 percent to 32 percent as Obama was closing out his tenure and then surged under Trump.

The percentage of those who believe the world rates the U.S. favorably plunged to a near-record low of 42 percent last year before bouncing back to 55 percent.

“The double-digit declines recorded when Trump took office last year might seem to have been linked — resulting from a general sense that a Trump presidency would be poorly received abroad. But if there was a link in the public’s minds, it has been broken this year, as Trump’s ‘respect’ numbers have failed to improve, while the percentage who think the rest of the world views the United States favorably has rebounded to pre-Trump levels,” Gallup said.

The poll also found 29 percent of Americans say foreign leaders respect Trump, lower than Obama’s rating, which varied from 67 percent down to 37 percent.

“Trump’s inauguration last year was met with public concern that his ‘America First’ policy would be unpopular with other nations and their leaders. … Although the world has soured on U.S. leadership, Americans are now more likely to be satisfied with the United States’ position in the world than at any point in the Obama presidency — even though they are no more likely than a year ago to approve of Trump’s handling of foreign affairs or foreign trade.

“The change in views of the U.S. position in the world is being driven by an increase in satisfaction among Republicans, though their views on respect for Trump among world leaders have not changed,” the report said.

The Daily Caller said the poll results could be “bad news for Democrats in the upcoming midterms.”

“Many in the establishment media have speculated that Democrats could win big in the upcoming 2018 midterms due to bad public feeling about President Trump, but if these poll numbers are any indication, that might not be the case.”

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