Employees of one company that boosted its worker retirement contributions following the adoption of President Trump’s tax reform plan wanted to thank him.

So they gave him a pair of socks, with the “Aflac” company logo.

One would think that’s not a particularly big event, as the president and other U.S. officials routinely receive tokens of appreciation.

The gifts, over the years, have included jewelry, works of art, wine and watches.

But this must have been a powerful pair of socks, for it prompted one Twitter user to wish ill – much ill – for the president.

The comment from Michael Wild comes amid a Thank Trump Card Campaign giving ordinary Americans a way to thank the president for his record of achievement during his first year in office.

He’s already chalked up hundreds of successes.

Wild, however, wasn’t pleased.

“May he hang himself with them,” he posted.

Which prompted a contributor to the social-media newssite Twitchy to offer a scolding.

“Don’t be shocked if you end up with Secret Service at your door,” the site stated. “Seriously, people, what the hell is wrong with you?! Why can’t you be happy that there are Americans who are being POSITIVELY impacted by congressional policy? I get it. You’re a Democrat and you don’t want to admit that the Republicans have done anything right. That would mean you have to reevaluate yourself, your politicians and your policy perspective. Wishing ill harm on the president of the United States – REGARDLESS of what party be belongs it – is WRONG.”

It all began with a visit to the Oval Office by an Aflac employee who was there to talk about the company’s boost in employee 401(k) contributions in response to tax reform.

WND has compiled a list of the accomplishments in Trump’s first year.

To take part in the Thank Trump Card Campaign, as have tens of thousands already, simply go to to choose one of our 10 unique e-card designs. You can add a personalized message to your card if you wish and then simply click a button to send it electronically to the White House. It’s completely free of charge.

“As President Trump heads into a new year, it’s important he doesn’t lose the courage and boldness that have enabled him to defy the establishment and get so much done for the American people,” said Joseph Farah, CEO of WND and creator of the campaign. “Given all the opposition he faces, it would be too easy for him to surrender to the forces that besiege him.”

The campaign has been endorsed by leading conservatives such as Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and covered by news outlets such as Breitbart News.

Go to to view the 10 card design options, all of which can be personalized with messages and sent directly to the White House at no cost.

A side note: It seems Trump mentioned that Melania had appeared in a commercial – way back in 2005 – for Aflac.

See the commercial:



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