President Trump is warning against complacency in 2018.

He’s afraid the troops who delivered the historic upset victory in 2016 will take a breather and stay home in this year’s midterm elections just as the Democrats are mobilizing to take over Congress.

Historically, the party holding the White House loses seats in the midterms. Democrats are counting on that trend holding this cycle.

They point to the spike in Democratic turnout in state and federal elections across the country. They point to the quarter-million women who marched in New York City last month to show their displeasure with all things Trump.

In his CPAC speech Friday, the president laid out the case why Democrats cannot be allowed to win. They will take away tax cuts. They will take away the Second Amendment.

And there’s more.

Should Democrats take control of the House, they will begin impeachment proceedings immediately. The fanatic obsession driving their fixation with imaginary Russian conspiracy theories makes impeachment a certainty.

They’ve already begun preparations, putting super-liberal Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., in place to chair the Judiciary Committee should his party gain the majority. Nadler fancies himself an expert in constitutional law, just the background needed for amending the Constitution – or impeaching the president. This self-styled Solomon of the mob has likened clickbait ads by Russian Facebook trolls to Pearl Harbor.

After they set the White House on fire, the Democratic wrecking crew will set to destroying the economy. The Democrats represent a clear and present danger to your house, not just the White House.

They will roll back President Trump’s tax cuts. They will unleash the regulatory monster the president has successfully caged and neutered.

They will strangle dissenting voices, encouraging Silicon Valley and corporate titans to enforce the orthodoxies of the left and disappear opposing opinions.

Those are just a few of the reasons we must stop a Democratic takeover of the Congress. And yes, we can.

The tax cuts Congress passed under the leadership of President Trump are more popular every day. The economy is improving.

The Democrats’ fixation on Russia looks increasingly like a replay of Republicans’ impeachment drive in 1998, when voters bucked the historical trend and punished the out-of-power party (the GOP).

The bile Democrats have spewed incessantly at President Trump has splashed back, poisoning voters’ perceptions of them. The latest survey shows Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., once perennially popular in his home state among Republicans and Democrats alike, now has an approval rating at a 20 year low.

Voters judge the goings-on in Washington in terms of their own everyday experience, and the Democrats’ sit-in at the State of the Union reminds them of the sourpuss at the office they avoid.

So Republicans can hold the House and Senate in November. And we must in order to advance the America First agenda.

The key to victory is mobilizing the army of Trump voters.

In 2016, candidate Trump promised to build a wall.

In 2018, it is the voters who must build the wall.

An impeachment-proof wall.

A Pelosi-proof wall.

An illegal-alien-proof wall.

A Swamp-proof wall.

The clarion call to muster the troops to vote in November:

“Build the Wall in 2018!”

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