4 ways liberals spawn unhappiness

By William Hamnet Wall

There is no stronger proof of God than that vice can never make us happy. No one speaks of a happy junky or unbounded joy of a thief, drug-smuggler or alcoholic in denial. Rebellion against decency cannot lead to bliss. Why? The Bible says “the wages of sin is death.”

What does this have to do with liberalism? Liberals in both parties codify vice into law. Some examples include late-term abortion, socialism, religious bigotry and California’s new unconstitutional “sanctuary state” law, SB 54, that criminalizes the act of following federal immigration laws and mandates the release of violent criminals into society rather than deporting them, to name a few.

Here are four ways liberalism animates depravity, four proofs that vice of any kind, from all people, blossoms into unhappiness:

1. Depravity reaps bad conscience and despair

Nothing atrophies the soul so quickly than pleasure becoming its only bliss. What is pleasure but enjoyment? Therefore, how shall we enjoy an excess of anything? This is a dirty little secret liberals will never admit publicly: Vice prevents pleasure and happiness from coexisting. There, I said it. Why aren’t libs and progressives more transparent about this? Because being honest about it would make them look bad. They would have to admit that violating moral principles creates despair, that hedonism is not in your best interest, that Christianity was right all along about the wages of sin, that right and wrong are not relative or subjective but irrevocable and obvious.

The greatest hypocrisy is not pretending to be good but pretending that sin does no harm. Let’s play the liberal shell game of hide the sin: What could go wrong with …

  • The more children you have out of wedlock, the higher welfare payments you receive, if you can prove no father is in the house?
  • Using abortion as a “no apologies” form of birth control?
  • No moral downside to promiscuous, premarital sex?
  • Rewarding illegal immigrants with amnesty and welfare payments?
  • Forcing religious business owners to violate their conscience?

Liberals prefer to hide the sin and take your money, just like any other shell game. Hurting other people is just the price of doing socialism.

2. Without virtue, self-esteem is a sham

People with low self-esteem ought to be ashamed of themselves. This is no joke. It points to a cause-and-effect relationship between accomplishment and self-esteem, success and satisfaction. Samuel Johnson said, “It generally happens that assurance keeps an even pace with ability.”

Most self-esteem is earned the old-fashioned way: long hours and dedication. Even so, operating with poor standards and low expectations can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, addictions prove that pleasure without virtue brings misery.

If liberals hate one thing with burning passion, it is that today in this country, outcomes of wealth and happiness are largely fair. Anyone who sows with more marketable skills will normally reap a higher-paying job.

Without virtue, even high self-esteem can become pathological. What is arrogance but high self-esteem without requiring merit? Narcissism allows us to be degenerate without the hassle of low self-esteem.

Despite what liberals say, bad outcomes are not only evidence of sexism, ageism and racism. Low self-esteem may be justified, may be a rational response to poor results. Keep this in mind: Even heroic efforts fail. Remember the story of Paul Bunyan? He was a magnanimous giant who chopped down trees by the hundreds but still lost a contest to a skinny nerd with new technology, a chain saw. No one said Paul Bunyan was lazy; his skills were just outdated.

3. ‘Utopia’ on earth leads to despair and tyranny

Reality is the highest good. Not because earth is a paradise. Not because life is trouble-free. Not even because it is fair. Bad things happen to good people. Here’s the good news: Reality treats all people impartially. In the Bible, it says in Matthew 5:45: “So that you may be children of your Father in heaven. For he causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

Reality allows all people to have the same harvest if conditions and sowing are identical. Principles work the same for all people. Look at the diagram below. Notice how “Reality” doesn’t lie. It isn’t easy, but it’s impersonal. “Utopia” on the other hand deals in dishonesty, in false hopes followed by tyranny. This is the liberal playbook: offer an impossible utopia, a false promise, then deliver revolution and tyranny. Look at any socialist or communist country, and the story is the same: Offer Utopia, deliver tyranny. From my upcoming eBook, “The 9 Gifts of Capitalism – Why Prosperity Requires Freedom”:


4. Victim mentality disempowers us

Nothing dispirits a person more than victim mentality. Why? You stop trying when you think it’s hopeless. One insurmountable obstacle is believing an excuse. In a 1950s study on hopelessness, rats swimming in a vat of water who were allowed to escape would next time try much harder, swim much longer before succumbing to exhaustion. The other rats died quickly because they assumed their efforts were futile. Liberals disempower us when they say that ageism, sexism, transphobia and racism dictate our destiny, that another’s so-called “privilege” has power over the outcomes in our lives.

Psychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low, founder of one the most successful programs to cure nervous patients and mental illness, has the final word on this topic. He said, “Once you think of yourself as being a victim, you will not try to seek help from your inner environment, from yourself.”

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