Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

A lawsuit against Planned Parenthood alleges the abortion industry giant, which takes hundreds of millions of dollars a year from taxpayers, concealed the identity of an abortionist accused, along with a nurse, of bungling a late-term abortion.

Operation Rescue, which maintains a database of information on abortionists at, spotlighted the details in a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood and its Worcester, Massachusetts, clinic.

OR Senior Vice President Cheryl Sullenger pointed out that while the lawsuit names Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts Inc. and the nurse practitioner, Rebecca Kreiger, there is no mention of the abortionist.

That’s because Planned Parenthood redacted the abortionist’s name from the medical records of the pregnant woman, Celina Casas.

The complaint states: “On or about March 12, 2015, a doctor, whose name is redacted from the medical records and whose identity is unknown, performed the first step in a two-step abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Worcester by softening the cervix.”

Casas experienced a “bungled late-term abortion” that resulted in her delivering her “presumably dead baby” in her bathroom at home, OR said.

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Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, commented that everyone who receives medical treatment of any kind deserves to know the name of their provider.

“It’s unbelievable that Planned Parenthood decided to keep this woman in the dark by withholding that information from this her own medical record – after they failed to inform her of the risks of the type of abortion she was having,” he said.

Casas alleges she never was told that there was a risk of vaginal delivery of her child prior to her next appointment. OR said the drug used on her, Misoprostol, also known as Cytotec, is usually used to soften the cervix prior to a multi-day abortion. However, Misoprostol does more than soften. It also induces unpredictable uterine contractions strong enough to expel a baby in the second trimester.

OR said that after she was given the drug, she was having severe pains, but Planned Parenthood told her only to take pain medication.

“She was only told to take the prescribed pain medication. She was never advised that the contractions could cause delivery, and she was never told to seek medical attention,” OR said.

The lawsuit alleges the delivery of her child at home caused her severe emotional and mental trauma. The suit also alleges that she suffered undefined “severe and permanent personal injuries.”

“But what about the mystery abortionist, who appears to have been let off the hook by the lawsuit?” Operation Rescue asked.

“Operation Rescue has verified that Danielle M. Roncari currently serves as medical director of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc., but there’s no way to know if she was involved in Casas’ abortion.”

The case filed in Superior Court in Worcester asserts “the unknown doctor and Nurse Krieger breached the applicable standard of care … when they failed to advise Ms. Casas that the first step of the two step procedure placed her at risk for vaginal delivery of the fetus.”

“Planned Parenthood is vicariously liable for the negligence of the unknown doctor and Nurse Krieger,” the complaint states.

“As a direct and proximate result of the above-referenced breaches of the standard of care, Ms. Casas was caused to sustain severe and permanent personal injuries; has incurred and will continue to incur great expense for her medical, surgical, and hospital care and treatment; has suffered and will continue to suffer great pain of body and anguish of mind; has been and will continue to be unable to pursue normal activities; and her ability to earn income and enjoy life has been permanently adversely affected.”

The lawsuit seeks damages to be determined.


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