Republican Chris McDaniel of Mississippi is attempting to take another bite out the apple, so to speak. This time he is trying to unseat the incumbent U.S. Senator and establishment hack, Roger Wicker. The date of the Republican primary is June 5.

However, this election should be unnecessary and should never be taking place. If all were right in the world, Chris McDaniel would already be one of Mississippi’s two senators. I’ll get to that in a bit.

That being said – what is the first thing we should do regarding this election? That’s right – see what kind of senator Wicker has been over the 11 years he’s held the office. For this we check out Wicker’s Liberty Score,which tracks the number and percentage of conservative vs. liberal votes he has cast and derives an overall letter grade from them.

As Wicker is just another of the many Mitch McConnell stooges, you would expect it to be low, and it is. His conservative letter grade is a solid “F,” at 30 percent. However, he is more conservative than his fellow Mississippi senator, Thad Cochran, who also sports an “F” at just 24 percent.

McDaniel has proven himself to be a solid conservative, but the establishment is trying to paint him as the bumbling second coming of Roy Moore in an effort to scare rank-and-file Republicans into supporting Wicker. Just like Democrats who stand for nothing – the Wicker-men can only attack his opponent.

But this is just a repeat of what the establishment did to McDaniel in 2014, when he primaried Mississippi’s other senator, the fossil that is Thad Cochran. He would be a senator today, if not for Republican establishment dirty tricksters working the system in 2014.

And they’re at it again, with the identical strategy. The hacks formed a super-PAC called the Mississippi Victory Fund, which claims to support Wicker. What they really intend is to use it to smear McDaniel, exactly as they did in 2014. It’s déjà vu.

And by the way, NEVER give another dime to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). I was going to add, “until they clean house of all the establishment hacks,” but then stopped myself, because that’s not going to happen.

So let’s go back to 2014, where McDaniel attempted to unseat Cochran. Although McDaniel beat Cochran, neither man received over 50 percent of the vote in the primary, so a run-off was required.

Mississippi primaries are closed. That is, only party registrants can vote in respective primaries. However, the run-off election is effectively open. In Mississippi, “voters who participated in the first primary are barred from participating in other parties’ runoffs. This makes Mississippi one of only nine states that have partially open primaries.”

But if you did not vote in your party’s primary, you are free to vote in any run-off election, regardless of party affiliation. So enter the establishment dirty tricksters.

They pitched a message to Democrat voter, that Cochran was the lesser of two evils. Cochran and his fellow dirt bags spent more than $100,000 per day targeting Democrats. Their mostly race-baiting tactic worked. Some Democratic districts saw a 50 percent increase in turnout for the Republican run-off. Cochran beat McDaniel on the strength of the Democratic vote only.

Yet here we are again – a different opponent for McDaniel, but the same issue – the outsider vs. ruling class.

And if by some miracle McDaniel gets through the primary, he will suffer the fate that has plagued every Republican who dares to challenge the establishment – zero support. He will get no support from the NRSC, Mitch McConnell’s personal piggy bank. He’ll receive no funding and no backing. He’ll be left out on an island and then conveniently blamed for losing should that happen.

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