Joseph Farah’s article on Billy Graham shows that he was, in fact, an American legend. But the problem with legends is that their stories are based on myths, half truths, omissions and outright lies. This is the case with Graham.

Farah mentions the legendary “puff Graham” statement by William Randolph Hearst, which is certainly a true event, but omits who Hearst was. Some might say his newspaper printed the original WMD argument to start a war based on lies. With no evidence to back it up, Hearst’s paper splashed headlines about the sabotage of the USS Maine, which lead directly to the Spanish American War. It can also be stated with near certainty that if a man like Hearst wanted to “puff Graham,” it was likely that he saw a like-minded man who would (and did) generate profits for years to come.

Farah also mentions Graham’s prayer meetings with every president since Truman. What is lacking is that Graham, acting as more of a fanatical cold warrior than Christian minister, pestered Truman to expand the war in Korea to China as well, and during Vietnam, wrote a letter to Nixon urging him to bomb the dikes in the north, destroying that country’s food supply in an act that would have killed at least a million people.

I’ll ignore their anti-Semitic remarks since they are just words and focus on Graham’s desire to join Nixon and Kissinger as war criminals. Luckily for the world, even the psychotic Nixon had to talk Graham down as Truman had when Graham urged him to expand the already intense violence of the Korean War to China. He prayed with the first President Bush and watched on TV as the first of 25 years of U.S. bombs began to fall on Iraq and probably with the second Bush too during his Iraqi misadventure. In fact, there has never been a war or covert CIA action Graham ever said a single word against, even though those actions, such as the overthrow of Mogedesh in Iran, Allende in Chile, and countless others, caused the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people.

Graham essentially provided God’s stamp of approval on every U.S. action, no matter what the cost in real human lives. He gave God’s blessing as the U.S. has all too often taken the side of the oppressor over the oppressed.

Jeff Toney

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