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Captain America actor scorched for blasting Trump

Captain America actor Chris Evans has taken to social media to blast, by insinuation, President Trump over allegations made by women, such as Stormy Daniels, about past relationships.

But he got burned.


By comments such as, “You voted for Bill Clinton’s Wife dude.”

And, “Now do Bill Clinton.”

The comment by Evans, a prominent Hillary Clinton fan, was: “Can you even IMAGINE if Obama had been accused of cheating on Michelle with a porn star to whom he paid hush money??? Fox News and it’s (sic) goblin army would indict his character and integrity EVERY SINGLE TIME they mentioned his name. And that’s not hyperbole.”

According to Twitchy, Evans was jumping on allegations by Daniels and others.

“The Stormy Daniels accusations against President Trump for something alleged to have happened in 2006 has caused quite a media frenzy for some time now,” the website said.

Which prompted Evans’ comparison.

But “Education Hillbilly” responded with the reference to voting for Bill Clinton’s wife.

And “chickenfingers” added: “Can you even imagine if bill Clinton cheated on Hillary and what that …. Oh. Never mind. And even with that happening, you still wanted her in the White House.”

Evans has been an activist for Hillary Clinton, even insisting that the Electoral College be scrapped because Clinton lost.

Travis McCloud told Evans; “Now do Bill Clinton.”

Matthew Griswold added, “Can you imagine if Bill Clinton got caught with an intern in the Oval Office.”

Yet another said: “Can you IMAGINE people all giddy over a President who was nothing but a rapist-sexual predator & then voting for his wife who tried to ruin his victims lives? They can,” with an arrow pointing to images of Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewisky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and many more.