The U.S. Census taken every 10 years helps decide many important issues, such as the allocation of seats in Congress and the division of federal funds based on population.

But why is the left so terrified of the idea of asking people if they are citizens or not?

It took only hours after the question was added to the Census that more than a dozen Democratic-leaning states had announced plans to sue.

An active federal lawsuit could actually endanger the congressional allocations and funding formulas by delaying the implementation of the results of the survey, which will be done in 2020.

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh explained the left’s motivation.

“What happens when people find out that the number of illegals here is not 12 million, that it’s 20 or 30, that we are supporting and providing education and health care and all that to, and that they just keep coming. The left doesn’t want the true number out there. They want you to believe it’s 12 million or fewer living in the shadows,” he said Wednesday.

“By the way, where did the 12 million number come from? Because it used to be the common number bandied about was 20 million back in the early 2000s,” he said.

He didn’t take long getting to the point.

“And I just want you to think about this, a simple question, ‘Are you a citizen of the United States?’ is causing the Democrat and the news media to have conniption fits. Now, if you’ve been one of these people all these years who have rejected the idea that pure politics, Democrat Party power politics is behind their so-called compassion for the poor people of the world, if you have believed that, then how are you going to rationalize, how are you gonna explain their frenzied, panicked opposition to finding out who these poor people are?

“Wouldn’t we want to know? If we’re going to feed them and clothe them and give them health care and show them our compassion, don’t we need to know who they are? Wouldn’t the Democrats want to know who they are so that we can reach them and so that we can be compassionate and give them whatever they need? But the Democrats, they don’t want anything of the sort. They don’t want it known. They don’t want those people counted. And people are gonna start asking why.”

He continued, “In this instance, something as simple as, ‘Are you a citizen?’ is causing mass panic attacks.”

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

He cited the New York Times’ claims that despite “concerns,” the question will be asked, as it has in many previous national census questionnaires.

That report claimed: “Critics of the change and experts in the Census Bureau itself have said that, amid a fiery immigration debate, the inclusion of a citizenship question could prompt immigrants who are in the country illegally not to respond. That would result in a severe undercount of the population — and, in turn, faulty data for government agencies and outside groups that rely on the census. The effects would also bleed into the redistricting of the House and state legislatures in the next decade.

“Let me translate that for you. The Democrats want illegal aliens counted in order to get more taxpayer money for their districts and more seats in the U.S. House and in statehouses. The second point being even more important than the first, since the Democrats know once they have the power, they can vote themselves whatever money they want. But they’re caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand they do want the accurate number. On the other hand, they don’t dare.”

He got to the “bottom line.”

“This is causing the Democrats once again to shed their camouflage and shed their masking. And they don’t want to do this. So we’ll see how they deal with this, because this is never anything they have sought to do. I think they’re in a position now where they think they may not be able to avoid it,” said Limbaugh.

“For the longest time it has been obvious to I don’t know how many that the sole interest the Democrat Party has in illegal immigration is voter registration. I have submitted any number of proposals. My most recent proposal was proclaimed on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I said, ‘Count me in as a supporter for full-fledged amnesty for every illegal immigrant in the country, as long as they can’t vote for 20 to 25 years.’ Not a single taker. Over the years I have told people the Democrat Party’s interest in this not compassion, it’s not the poor, it’s not any of that. It is simply a way of maintaining a permanent underclass in America that will always be dependent on government and therefore the Democrats.”


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