BREMERTON, Wash. – On her previous trip to the Seattle area, Heidi Mund was greeted by more than 120 protesters carrying signs bearing messages such as “Love thy Neighbor” and “Choose Understanding Not Fear.”

When she came last week to the Navy town of Bremerton, Washington – a ferry-ride across the Puget Sound from Seattle – a smaller contingent of protesters turned out expressing the same concerns, viewing her as an enemy of tolerance who bears animosity and hatred toward Muslims.

Heidi Mund (WND photo)

Heidi Mund (WND photo)

What is it that provokes such a reaction to a German schoolteacher who grew up in communist East Germany as an atheist and a “sold-out socialist” before becoming a Christian?

In November 2013, Mund drove five hours to the historic Memorial Church of the Reformation in Speyer, Germany, when she heard the church – built to honor Martin Luther – had invited a Muslim imam to give the Islamic call to prayer.

Waving a German flag with the words “Jesus Christ is Lord,” she declared from the balcony during the imam’s call to prayer: “Jesus Christ alone is Lord over Germany. I break this curse.”

Later, explaining the “curse,” she pointed out that the imam was declaring in his call to prayer that only Allah, revealed through the prophet Muhammad, is god.

From the church balcony on that November evening, she repeated the words Luther famously declared in 1521, “Here I stand, I can do no other.”

“Save the church of Martin Luther,” she shouted.

Mund, who was expelled from the church, later said in an interview with CBN, “They should have thrown the imam out of the church, because I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and he serves another god.”

She said that when a Muslim declares in a church “Allahu akbar,” or “Allah is supreme over all other gods,” as did the imam, “it is no longer a church; it’s a mosque.”

After declaring Allah is supreme, the Islamic muezzin then declares:

I bear witness that there is no god except Allah.

I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Death threats

After speaking to the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party gathering March 19 in Bremerton, Mund told WND in an interview that her dramatic public stand – which has developed into a ministry called Wake Up, focused on warning Germany of the civilizational encroachment of Islam in Europe – has had consequences.

Her husband lost his job, and they both have been the targets of death threats.

Protest of Heidi Mund in Bremerton, Washington, March 19, 2018.

Protest of Heidi Mund in Bremerton, Washington, March 19, 2018.

“Several Muslims have written me, they wanted to slaughter me. Others wanted to rape me,” she told WND.

One day after she organized a rally subsequent to her protest at the church, her husband was fired, she said.

She noted that the German media has cast her as a racist and a “Nazi.”

“They made out of a faithful believer a Nazi,” she said. “Even my students and my colleagues at school, they believed the news more than what they have seen over years.’

Over those years, she said, fellow teachers had “honored me; my students they loved me.”

“But then, because of this fake news, they changed their minds.”

She said new laws in her country have curbed freedom of speech in the name of combatting “hate speech.”

“We really need to check what we speak or what we write in public, or even on our mobile phones,” she said. “They check What’s App by law and also our computers by law.”

A hate-speech charge was brought against her in Germany that later was dropped.

Before her appearance in Bremerton, protesters said they weren’t familiar with anything she specifically had said that was offensive, but they believed that she “degrades” Muslims, expresses hatred toward them because of their religious beliefs and is not welcoming to Muslim immigrants.

In an interview with CBN, Mund insisted she doesn’t have hatred in her heart.

“No, I love my people, and also those who are coming in (the immigrants),” she said. “I wanted to open the eyes of the people, that they could understand what’s going on.”

America is undergoing a similar transformation with regard to Islam and the freedom to criticize its influence on culture and politics, she told WND.

“You are not far behind us. Be careful.”

Her advice to America: “As a Christian, I would say repent.”

“We need to fall on our knees. We need to ask God for forgiveness,” she said, mentioning for one thing, abortion.

In its founding, Mund said, the United States was “dedicated to the Lord.”

“[God] has not forgotten what your forefathers were praying for, what you promised Him.”

Practically speaking, she advises Americans to be “active.”

“Don’t let it happen. Do something. Speak out something. Everyone can do something. Find out what you can do.”

Listen to protesters opposing Heidi Mund’s appearance in Bremerton, Washington:

‘This is your inheritance’

In her speech March 19, Mund, who described herself as a former “sold-out socialist,” noted that “when you say anything against Islam, the socialists come against you.”

She argued that socialism created a path for Islam in the 1970s in Iran, and it apparently is doing the same in Germany today.

While socialists and Muslims may have common cause at the moment, she said, historically, it hasn’t ended well for the socialists.

Her word to socialists in Europe: “Open your eyes. I have been a socialist. Open your eyes. It it not a game. When Islam wins, they will kill you first. You don’t have a book. You are the worst. They don’t have any respect for you.”

Socialism and Islam “both end up in dictatorship,” she said.

“Both are not for freedom of speech.”

In communist East Germany, she recalled, “we were not allowed to say anything, to ask questions.”

“You did not know if your neighbor was watching you,” said Mund.

“It’s similar today. I don’t know who can I trust anymore. I feel myself back in the past.’

Islam and socialism are both “against Christian faith,” she said, noting Christians are still persecuted in North Korea.

She urged Americans to take stock of their liberty and recognize that it can be lost.

“This is your inheritance,” she said. “Keep it.

“You have such a wonderful country. Remember, it was the faith that built up your country, that gave you the blessing.”


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