(Gatestone Institute) On his return from a recent two-day trip to Israel — where he met with high-level officials — Adonis Georgiadis, the vice president of Greece’s opposition party, New Democracy, declared his support for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In an interview with Skai Radio on March 7, Georgiadis called it “almost funny to discuss whether Jerusalem is a Jewish city or not.”

“[It] was founded by the Jews… in ancient times. You can read Flavius Josephus or read Diodoros Siceliotis and see the references to the city of Jerusalem, where there was the High Priest of Solomon’s Temple and that it was the city of the Jews. This is the reality.”

When challenged by the interviewer, who said, “But as time went by, many things happened in the city’s history,” Georgiadis, a historian, replied:

“I don’t disagree, but this city is from the beginning a Jewish city. They [Jews] made it; they founded it; it’s theirs… Now, President Trump’s decision to transfer the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a little bit provocative… But I have to say… that I am in favor of this decision rather than against it.”

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