As Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his corrupt prosecutorial staff continue their march to destroy our president, his family and all those around him, as well as his former associates Gen. Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and scores of others, the other branches of government are also out taking down the country. Just recently, Mueller and his conflicted prosecutors served a judicially sanctioned grand jury subpoena on the Trump organization, signaling that the president’s lawyers are failing in their incompetent quest to end the alleged Russian collusion investigation.

While the Congress is bad enough – a bunch of two-faced clowns that stuff money into their pockets and spend much of their time appearing on the cable networks to get re-elected – the most egregious “bad actor” is the federal judiciary, which is rubber stamping all Mueller and the Obama-Clinton Deep State want. It is no coincidence that this federal judiciary is currently infested with about 90 percent appointees of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. These leftist judges, who couldn’t care less about the Constitution much less the rule of law, have dishonestly and vindictively given Mueller and his staff what they want, and many have also blocked the enforcement of President Trump’s immigration ban, his fight against sanctuary cities and other important initiatives to “Make America Great Again!” And to make matters worse, even some conservative judges appointed by Republican presidents have become cowardly in the face of rampant government tyranny.

Federal judges are appointed through political patronage. They do not generally get their seats on the bench on the basis of merit. What counts are the political contributions made by their former law firms, corporations, labor unions and other special interests that grease the slimy pockets of senators who recommend them for appointment by the president. As a result of this very flawed system of selection, we simply don’t get the best and the brightest. What we have by and large are compromised, intellectually deficient, biased and prejudiced “politicians in robes” who owe their allegiance to those special interests that got them their jobs.

To make matters even worse, when these federal judges do dishonest and unethical things to decent, ordinary people who have not lined their pockets, there exists no real mechanism to hold them accountable to the ethical rules they are required to adhere to and honor, pursuant to their oath of office. This holy grail of judicial ethics is called the Code of Judicial Conduct. Incredibly and outrageously, years back the chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, stated in the Court’s annual report that he and his fellow justices do not have to adhere to this Code, as they, having been confirmed by the U.S. Senate after a so-called investigation of their ethical history, are “certified” as honest jurists. He also incredibly suggested that Supreme Court justices are immune from ethical scrutiny under our Constitution. Unbelievable!

Then there are the judges on the lower federal courts, such as district courts and courts of appeals. When these federal judges are alleged to commit unethical and illegal acts, who is charged to review their egregious misconduct? You probably guessed it; their colleagues on the same federal bench where they work. These judicially fixed mechanisms of cover-up are called “Judicial Councils” and are composed of judges who literally each lunch with and socialize with the accused judge in the same courthouse and in their spare time. Their motto is “protect me” – and I will someday protect you! Thus it’s no wonder that these Judicial Councils are a complete farce and, in the words of comedian Woody Allen, a sham of a sham of a sham. Only they are not funny, since the lack of judicial oversight is why corrupt, compromised and bad federal judges are so prevalent in our system of justice.

Then there is the inept and politically bankrupt Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, which is also empowered to oversee federal judges and impeach them for “bad behavior.” One of the last rare times these political pygmies impeached a judge found to have taken bribes, the so called Honorable Alysee Hastings, he later decided to run for Congress and won election in Miami, Florida! Hastings is still in Congress!

So the bottom line is this: You, your loved ones and the nation as whole are left defenseless to federal judges in particular who scratch the backs of the special interests and establishment politicians who got them their jobs and can behave any way they wish with impunity. These renegade and often corrupt judges are truly above the law, and they are doing more than great damage to our beloved republic. Our Founding Fathers created a system of checks and balances, as federal judges were intended to protect We the People from the tyranny of the other two branches of government. But over time this has degenerated into a judicial cesspool!

Recent examples of the worst leftist judges include several in our nation’s capital who are rubber stamping any and all illegal acts of Mueller in phony prosecutions that were brought against Trump associates Flynn, Manafort and Gates. These federal judges who refuse to hold Mueller accountable for exceeding his authorization to investigate alleged Russian collusion as well as the constant criminal leaks of grand jury information to damage the president even before the special counsel’s investigation is concluded, are simply political hacks. These federal judges’ names are Amy Berman Jackson and Beryl Howell, and there are many more who cover for them in this federal courthouse. But there are also many more of their dishonest evil ilk, not just on the District of Columbia federal bench but throughout the various circuits.

Such widespread corruption is why I have a petition drive to be named special counsel myself. Go to to sign it. If I named special counsel, I will have all the powers of the Justice Department behind me, and I will root out Mueller, his corrupt leftist staff and prosecute him, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the vermin and snakes, including corrupt federal judges, whatever their political persuasion.

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