Daryl Fisher (Photo: Facebook)

Daryl Fisher (Photo: Facebook)

A Democratic candidate for sheriff in North Carolina is drawing fire after he suggested authorities should kill Americans to confiscate their firearms and then claimed he was joking.

R. Daryl Fisher, a former Asheville police officer who has been in law enforcement since 1985, was speaking at a Moms Demand Action meeting on March 7, 2018, at the West Asheville Library when he made the controversial comments.

Fisher’s campaign posted the following video of his speech on YouTube:

“Any weapon that is designed for use by the military, I think we should ban,” Fisher said. “You’ve heard people say you have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands? (shrugs) OK.”

The audience laughs and applauds approvingly as Fisher smiles and adds: “Whenever you pass away, we’ll come get it. I dunno. I’m just saying. Joking just a little bit there.”

Fisher’s campaign slogan is “Justice for All.” He now works as Asheville-Buncombe Technical College’s law-enforcement training director, according to his LinkedIn profile.

WND’s request for comment from Fisher about his statement hadn’t been returned at the time of this report.

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Fisher posted a March 24 statement on his Facebook page that said, in part:

The crowd laughed and I made a joke. I admit the joke was a mistake and I should not have joked. But I go on to relay that the government cannot take away any guns or any items that were legally sold before any new laws take effect. To do this would be unconstitutional because that would constitute what is called an ex post facto law. Responsible gun owners have nothing to worry about. We have to do something different because what has been done is not working.

I do not mind anyone disagreeing with me, and I in fact encourage anyone who has a better proposal to please make that proposal. Being downright rude, making false statements, making half-truths or being utterly disrespectful is unacceptable. Proposing sensible gun legislation is only one of my values and beliefs. I have posted my vision of Justice for All and all of my values and beliefs in previous posts. Please do your own research, make an informed decision, and to properly voice your opinion, please do so on Election Day.

Nonetheless, Fisher’s gun-confiscation “joke” has sparked dozens of comments from YouTube and Facebook users, including the following:

  • “I think you should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.” – Brett
  • “You should be ashamed, but you’re unapologetic. You’re a bad American. I listened to your entire speech; your detractors are not misrepresenting what you’ve said, they have you spot on. …” – MKArnold001
  • “Hey Mr. Fisher, I sure hope you’re the first guy through my door to take my guns. My doors are locked for everyone else’s protection, not my own… You have no business running for dog catcher, let alone sheriff. You should be tarred and feathered.” – Dog Soldier
  • “As a former law enforcement officer myself, I’m ashamed that there are even (law-enforcement officers) out there with this mentality. Hope the people are smart enough not to elect this guy.” – Troy Foster
  • “Ohhh, you think it’s funny to joke about killing citizens of Buncombe County for exercising their God given right as outlined in the U.S. Constitution? Sounds like you are completely unfit for any (law-enforcement officer) position, especially Sheriff.” – Joshua Dillard
  • “Are you talking about ‘Justice for All’ when you refer to killing Americans that you disagree with politically?” – Cody Stiles
  • “As a retired PA State Trooper, I can say with certainty that this man is vile and should never be given a law enforcement job. You want the highest law enforcement job in the county and you joke about killing people to unlawfully confiscate their guns. Send this s–tbird packing.” – Matthew Alan
  • “You goofed up, R. Daryl. You’re for killing Americans to confiscate their firearms? Your own mother wouldn’t vote for you now.” – MagpieManiac
  • “The Founding Fathers had people like R Daryl Fisher in mind when they wrote the constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment.” – Calico Jack
  • “Joking about violating the constitutional rights of American citizens is not funny. I am confident the voters will bring you back down to earth on Election Day.” – OleHeat
  • “You, sir, are a threat to national security and a glaring example that wisdom most certainly does NOT come with age.” – JustJJ
  • “Joking about murdering law abiding citizens doesn’t sound like justice for all.” – Molon Labe
  • “We went through this once before, Fisher. April 19th, 1775. It did not go well for those seeking to disarm the people.” – Dave Lindsey
  • “Want a sure-fire way to lose an election? Say stuff like this. Buncombe county may be fairly liberal, but no one is stupid enough to fall for this crap. Get the hell out.” – GregsGuns


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