A scientist with expertise in climate change is lambasting a U.S. senator for casting people who question the theory of man-caused global warming as “evil voices.”

Thomas Sheahen, an MIT-educated physicist and author of “An Introduction to High-Temperature Supreconductivity,” was reacting in an interview with Marc Morano at Climate Depot to comments by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.

“I am really getting sick and tired of this blowhard Sheldon Whitehouse lecturing us for being sinners,” said Sheahen, who has earned a Ph.D.

“Sen. Whitehouse is a complete moron, scientifically,” he said Friday. “He doesn’t know any real science at all. He believes mythology initiated a generation ago by Al Gore, where CO2 emitted by mankind is entirely to blame.

“There is no such thing as a ‘climate denier.’ That category doesn’t exist. There are certain facts that we all agree on: 1) the climate is always changing; b) the globe is warming; c) there is a finite human contribution (e.g., the urban heat island effect).”

He continued: “Where disagreement begins is on the role of CO2 in the heating the planet. There is great scientific controversy about that point, because of factors such as how molecules absorb and re-radiate photons at various altitudes in the atmosphere, because of flow via convection of warm air from the surface to the upper atmosphere; and more. It’s a really complicated field of science.”

CNS News reported earlier this week on Whitehouse’s speech on the floor of the Senate.

The senator claimed those who stand in the way of regulations targeting “climate change” are guilty of three “sins.”

“It is an evil mess we are in, and if there is any justice in this world, there will one day be a terrible price to pay if we keep listening to evil voices,” Whitehouse said.

He said Americans should listen to the oceans and the oysters.

“If you can listen quietly, you can listen to the oceans,” Whitehouse said. “They speak to us, the oceans do. They speak to us through thermometers, and they say: We are warming. They speak to us through tide gauges, and they say: We are rising along your shores. They speak to us through the howl of hurricanes powered up by their warmer sea surfaces. They speak to us through the quiet flight of fish species from their traditional grounds as the seawater warms beyond their tolerance.”

He said, “We can go out and check and see the corals and the oysters and the pteropods corrode and die before our eyes.”

He continued, CNS reported: “The climate change problems we are causing by failing to act are a sin, as Pope Francis has flatly declared, but that is not the only sin. To jam Congress up, fossil fuel interests are interfering with and corrupting American democracy, and to corrupt American democracy is a second and a grave sin. The science denial apparatus – to mount a fraudulent challenge to the very enterprise of science, that is a third grave sin.”

In his interview with Morano, Sheahen said enough was enough.

“Sheldon Whitehouse has no intention whatsoever to engage in any scientific debate at all. Instead, he quotes the entirely false and manufactured statistic that ’97 percent of scientists agree…’ and goes from there to further faulty steps: 1) he asserts that he knows the truth perfectly; 2) he asserts that anybody who disagrees with him is a sinner.”

Sheahen concluded: “No way is Whitehouse capable of defining some action as a ‘sin.’ His scientific acumen is so weak that he cannot even defend the position he holds but instead resorts to the ‘argument from authority’ to brush off any scientific disagreement.”


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