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Netanyahu dazzles crowd in D.C.

(JERUSALEM POST) — WASHINGTON – If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is straining under the weight of the seemingly endless investigations against him, or the coalition crisis that has suddenly emerged, it was not apparent when he addressed AIPAC’s annual policy conference on Tuesday.

This was vintage Netanyahu. He was articulate, he was animated, and he was – except when talking about Iran or the Palestinians – upbeat. Netanyahu’s 30-minute address to the crowd of some 18,000 people included all the elements one has come to expect in a Netanyahu speech: great delivery, catchy phrases, some humor, even a gimmick.

This time the gimmick was not brandishing a piece of the Syrian drone shot down over Israel, as he did last month at the Munich Security Conference, nor the now-famous diagram of a bomb with a fuse that he used to illustrate Iran’s nuclear threat at the UN in 2012.