Never before have so few controlled so much debate

By Joseph Farah

I love Donald Trump, but the problem we face in America today is bigger than “fake news.”

The existential crisis a free America is facing right now is thought control on a scale potentially worse than totalitarian tyrannies of the past and present – like the Soviet Union and China.

Yes, you can still wear a sandwich board on public streets and “protest” – in most cases without serious consequences. But that’s the kind of expression and dissent the new elite corporate gatekeepers, what I call the “Digital Content Cartel,” Christians and conservatives would be relegated to if the corporate thought-police overlords of Google, Facebook, et al, get their way.

Their goal is nothing short of starving to death the independent media that helped make the 2016 election shocker possible.

As I’ve said before, there’s a war on for America’s mind, heart and soul – and we are reaching a crisis point, a tipping point, from which there may be no return for truly free expression.

America’s universities employ speech codes that would make North Korea blush. Little children are being indoctrinated from the earliest age in government schools that this nation’s heroic founders were no more than racist, misogynist, imperialist oppressors of the poor and downtrodden. Hollywood and the Big Media besiege Americans with one narrow worldview, treating with utter contempt liberty lovers and followers of the God of Creation.

Now, the “Digital Content Cartel,” that sees the world much like those other powerful cultural institutions, is in near total, hammerlock control of the means of distribution of news and information on the internet because they control more than 90 percent of the advertising revenue, search engine power and technical infrastructure that is necessary to reach massive audiences effectively.

Never before have so few controlled so much debate.

As the guy who founded the very first independent online news operation in the world more than 20 years ago, I am not just a self-interested media pioneer facing hard times. I am, however, a voice crying out in the wilderness for the future fundamental freedom of generations to come.

We’re in danger of losing the essential components of a free society – including the right to shout out in loud voices that cannot be stifled that we are losing our legacy of liberty.

But what can we do?

WND has been on the front lines of this battle for a long time. We need your help. You represent our lifeline to survival and growth. With God’s help, you have seen us through tough battles in the past.

If you value what we do, please consider this request seriously.

We’ve come up with a support program that can benefit you and WND so that we don’t have to bow down to the “Digital Content Cartel” – so that we can remain emboldened and empowered to pursue the truth and nothing but the truth.

At the same time, we’re offering what I believe is an exciting gift for those who can commit at least $100 to the cause today.

For perhaps a very limited time, those who contribute $100 or more to WND will receive – as a gift, a payback, a tangible thank-you – some of the latest cybercurrency about to explode upon the financial scene from AML Bitcoin, with patented anti-theft technology that promises to revolutionize this medium of exchange.

While purchase of cybercurrency has been red hot for the last year, sophisticated hackers – including professional money-launderers, rogue governments like North Korea and even international terrorists – have played havoc with the bitcoin business, prompting government regulations for safeguards. The first company to emerge with the technology and security measures built into its cybercurrency to address this problem can be expected to emerge as the leading provider – not just to individuals like you and me, but for major corporations and even governments.

AML Bitcoin is positioned to do just that – benefiting you and me with cybercurrency that has demonstrated its ability to grow in value over the last year.

Would you like to get in on the ground floor of this opportunity – or at least get your feet wet in this promising new digital currency?

Not only do I believe you will be happy you did, but it could provide WND with a sustainable future of growth and independence, so we can remain steadfast and strong guardians of the truth without fear or favor.

What am I asking?

I’m asking you to make the largest donation you can to WND – at least $100 or more – and receive a gift back of AML Bitcoin proportional to your donation. It’s that simple. I believe what you receive could – no guaranties of course – become more valuable than your contribution to America’s guerrilla freedom fighters inside the media.

Check out the offer now. Pray about it. See how God leads. Also, ask yourself if this offer is more valuable to you than a tax-deduction.

If you’d like more information about this program before making your decision, go to our landing page at

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