Five years ago our friends, an 81-year-old grandmother and her 20-year-old grandson, visited my wife and me in Springfield, Missouri. They were from England, and we took them to one of the main attractions here in the city – Bass Pro Shops. Both of them considered themselves to be conservative in their politics. Grandmother and grandson were stunned at the number of guns and knives that could be purchased. They both supported the right for firearm ownership in the U.S., but not in the U.K.

I asked them why and they (60 years apart in age) stated that no one trusts the morals / ethics of the younger generation in Britain. They simply cannot be trusted as traditional values have plummeted. So these conservative relatives feared what putting firearms into the hands of young people might do.

That is what is happening here. Liberals don’t trust the mindset and values of younger people, and also younger people don’t trust each other. The MSM is doing there best to teach all generations to fear each other. Old against young and, yes, young against young.

Bill Gremminger

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